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For the past few months, I have been studying and focused on a way to effectively clear all past analogical experiences from people so that they don't get triggered and keep repeating the same emotional reactions over and over. This has led me to studying neuroscience and specifically the amygdala.

The amygdala is the part of the brain that captures, stores, and records the full emotional experience of every past painful event that a person has had. So the amygdala is the brain structure that is responsible for controlling fear, anxiety, and panic.

When we experience a fearful reaction to a certain situation, the memory of that reaction is stored in our amygdala. If we face that same situation again, the memory of our past fear surfaces and we show the same anxious reaction.

This is especially evident with the traders I work with in the Christos Avatar Trading as once they have a painful loss, they are often paralyzed to execute their trades after that or have an emotional reaction when the trade is put on.

Yet, this really applies to EVERYONE, as we have all had experiences of extreme pain, suffering, terror, and have gone into an analogical state of mind (where time seems to just stop), fracturing off our soul's energy into our chakras, DNA template, and amygdala.

This emotional residue causes extreme psychological damage and can ruin relationships as the person is reacting to something that happened BEFORE, not what is happening with their new partner.

Research has shown that since the amygdala gives more weight to NEGATIVE, painful experiences than positive ones, that in order for a marriage or relationship to last, you must create 4 positive experiences for each negative one. This is for ALL types of relationships - romantic, parent/child, professional, etc.

The research studies also show that for FINANCIAL TRADERS, you must have at least 3 wins for every loss in order to trade long-term without having severe psychological damage that will eventually stop your trading career.

And for athletes, you must have at least 3 wins or successful plays for every loss, miss, or failure. If you have less than this, even though you may have a positive attitude, eventually these results will lower your confidence because of what is stored in the amygdala. A positive attitude will not overcome an emotional bank account of loss.

Without a way to clear this, a person will be stuck in a sort of "karmic loop", where the same thing keeps happening to them over and over, as they are PROJECTING this from the inside OUT.

Usually after an anxiety provoking event, the amygdala resets itself to a normal level. But if we continue to experience anxiety or stress over a long period of time, our amygdala is modified and becomes fixed at a high anxiety level. This means that our anxious reactions become ingrained in our subconscious as a kind of habit.

This can eventually lead to fear conditioning, and the disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, separation anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and phobias such as agoraphobia. It is the increased activity of the amygdala, because of all the painful memories (ids) stored there, that causes the symptoms of anxiety and panic.

Obviously these things cannot be "talked away" by counseling or psychotherapy. They must be dealt with at the QUANTUM level, the energetic source, holographically. Rather than me doing one session at a time for each person to clear this, I have created and recorded a neuroprogram using one of the sacred AH codes (scalar wave program created by Ivonne Delaflor) and specifically designed binaural beats and isochronic tone music for the most powerful, effective brainwave entrainment for healing this.

The neuroprogram is designed to be watched (focusing on the code) and listened to as I guide you through clearing your 15 chakras, DNA template, 4 brain centers (pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus, medulla oblongata), and finally the AMYGDALA itself, of all past painful analogical experiences.

The neuroprogram can be listened to everyday and I recommend that you do it for at least 7 days in a row or until you feel you are completely clear. This neuroprogram is going to be huge for anxiety sufferers as well as for holistic holographic healing in general, as we all have past painful experiences that affect our current NOW moment. I am actually listening to it daily myself.

Looking forward to assisting you resetting your amygdala so that you can be FREE for 2011 and beyond!~


Toby Alexander

Swami Shivananda Brahmananda

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Being clear of all fear and anxiety is PRICELESS, and the investment for this program is only $211.00

Author's Bio: 

Toby Alexander, (Aka) Swami Shivananda Brahmananda has been in the field of healing facilitation for more than 17 years. He is an international spiritual teacher, Reiki Master, distant healing specialist, founder of DNA Perfection , co-founder of the Higher School for Conscious Evolution with his beloved and life partner Ivonne Delaflor ( Swami Amenai), author of The Great Master (see here), financial trading coach, multi-business owner, and professional S&P e-mini futures and Forex trader. He is the 3D embodiment of the ascended master Lord Kuthumi - (, ( Instead of a "teacher", he is more of a KEY-MAKER, a corporate shaman, helping people to navigate the Matrix, rise ABOVE it, and meet their unmet needs by energy clearings, DNA activations, and intense advanced mentoring.

Toby Alexander has been actively trading the markets since 1996 and is currently completing requirements for the Commodities Trading Advisor (CTA), Chartered Market Technician (CMT), Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) certifications and is a member of the Market Technician's Association.

Mr. Alexander started his career in Computer Science, has 10 years of SAP Technical consulting, ABAP programming, Unix, and advanced networking with Cisco routers, via his own technology consulting company, TDA Technologies Inc., with certifications including SAP Certified Technical Consultant, Oracle Certified DBA, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Instructor, Certified Novell Engineer (CNE), and Certified Novell Instructor (CNI). He designed, implemented, and upgraded the technical architecture and SAP financial systems for 4 of the largest SAP implementations in the world, including The Coca-Cola Company, Union Carbide, Reliant Energy, and Florida Power and Light.

Toby Alexander has been initiated into Babaji's ancient Kriya Yoga tradition and received initiations (shaktipat) directly from Babaji. In 2006, he was also initiated as Mahaswami Shivananda Brahmananda into the Maitri Violet-Silver Chord Order.

Mr. Alexander's teachings and coaching sessions are given with a loving intent, are fear-free, and focus on how to remove the energetic blockages that prevent people from EMBODYING their Higher self (what is known as the Christos Avatar self), those levels of our consciousness that exist in higher dimensions, by removing auric attachments, karmic imprints, and then activating dormant portions of our DNA template. In this way, a person can become as clear as possible, have accurate perception, and train their reticular activation system to only recognize opportunities that are in LINE with their soul's purpose and mission. One of the main focuses on his advanced coaching and work with committed individuals involves clearing the shadow self personas responsible for SELF-SABOTAGE, low self-esteem, unworthiness, undeservedness, and poverty consciousness. With these cleared, an individual can start making their free-will choices IN-LINE with their Higher self and fulfill their soul's mission here.

One of the main problems that Mr. Alexander focuses on in his work is that most people are completely dis-connected from their Higher selves. So they don't know why they are here, what they are here to do, and how to even get started with their mission. Mr. Alexander uses DNA activation to connect you to your Higher self, by first clearing all of the highest priority energetic blockages (auric attachments, karmic imprints, j-seals, DNA distortions) energetically, and then providing you with step by step powerful processes and daily rituals to create new neural circuits of positive habits and then mylenate those.

As a guardian, as his teacher Babaji has called him, Toby Alexander understands the minute details of the Angelic Human and Indigo races, the corresponding DNA templates of each, and specifically how to electrically dis-engage one's blockages via energy directing techniques, and activate one's dormant potentials. He works with people all over the world, in person giving workshops, or remotely via video conference, facilitating healing sessions and giving advanced training at the various worldwide Trading Expos and professional development conferences. His primary focus is on the Earth's ascension and helping to restore the original 12 strand DNA potential for humans so that we may ascend WITH the Earth in 2012.

Toby Alexander currently shares his time both in Santa Barbara, California and Cancun, Mexico, and travels worldwide rebirthing humanity and activating the Divine DNA template wherever he is given the opportunity to serve. He also coaches hundreds of men via his Emerald Men Mentorship Program to embody their full male power as warriors of light and to respect and honor the divine feminine, serving as a positive male role model for the children.
His primary goal with Christos Avatar Trading ( is to set up a Christos Avatar Foundation and Fund for the conscious evolution and education of committed individuals around the world, and to eradicate poverty consciousness and the implanted belief of fear of loss of money from the collective. So that all individuals may become sovereign, escape the wage-slave mentality, and have time to focus on their own spiritual evolution and soul's mission.

You can contact Toby Alexander for private consultations, training for your prop or hedge fund, and presentations regarding trading mastery on Skype text using id shivananda.brahmananda

I am committed to help activate others into their own mastery, with the highest possible intentions through Divine Love, removing all energetic blockages so that all human beings may choose to EMBODY their Higher selves, so that they can then live in line with their soul's purpose, and do what they truly came here to do.

-Toby Alexander