Every owner of the enterprise needs to make sure a top-level customer expertise via the website with high performance, user-friendly design, and simple navigation. All these factors combined make a route for faster revenue generation and overall success. Therefore, a choice to hire a dedicated Odoo developer is a smart enterprise move. Such specialists are in high demand at present because they will develop, maintain an ERP, and shut up its security vulnerabilities.

Keep reading and you can see out where to look for the perfect talents and what the tips are to hire Odoo consultants with excellent skills and a confirmed track record.

Get a Dedicated Odoo Development Team from India

Establishing an offshore development center (ODC) provides a wide selection of advantages, together with a good alternative to hire a dedicated Odoo developer. Eastern Europe is the preferred offshoring destination because of the nice number of skillful IT software engineers, their efficient information of English, lower salary , and geographic proximity. These are the elements that make India a perfect location to launch your own ODC and hire a Odoo developer.

Top-level recruitment is a vital part of the Amrsen Turnkey ODC solution. Due to our large database of candidates, we will discover and hire a Odoo developer (or a few) that may make a excellent match for your firm.

Our Odoo recruitment team will current you with only the perfect specialists, keep you up to date throughout the whole hiring process, and guarantee quick position-filling. To illustrate our approach to recruiting, let’s look at the case research with an IT product firm, which provides excellent e-commerce solutions for powering renowned manufacturers. Because of the shortage of skilled Odoo developers in the United States, the enterprise reached Ukraine to assemble its Odoo offshore development team and outsourced recruitment to Amrsen. As a result, we engaged over 30 tech specialists just in six months and offered the firm with comprehensive help for entry into the Indian IT market. Apart from that, Amrsen established a backed-up ODC with a full scope of our enterprise process outsourcing services, together with legal, real estate, and accounting help.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Hire Odoo Development Team from India

As you can see, it takes a lot effort and time to hire a Odoo developer by yourself. Additionally, the high demand for such specialists available on the market makes this task much more burdensome. According to a Indian job portal Naukri, around 131 local IT enterprises are searching for Odoo developers at present. Our Odoo recruitment team reviews that there are on average 21 proposals for every candidate. Because of that, an skilled recruitment provider is your life vest in this fast-paced labor market. Are you wondering how to attract indian talents with Odoo experience? I will walk you through the whole hiring process and inform you the tips for successful position filling.

Current Market Trends

Considering that the duties of Odoo developers don’t differ much across firms, a higher salary rate is the first thing to persuade them to change jobs. That’s how we headhunted one of our latest candidates. Although the rates go up for essentially the most skillful professionals, India is still a beneficial location to hire a Odoo Development Team from India. Europe and the USA established a lot higher average pay rates.

Hiring Process

Honestly, the shorter the hiring process shall be, the higher. For instance, our clients go for 2 interview levels and make their selections shortly. In essence, time-consuming checks and assignments can only scare off potential candidates. In order to headhunt a dedicated Odoo developer, it’s additionally helpful to know their preferences. For instance, in most instances they aren’t in short-term projects, so 6–12 months period is a minimal. From my expertise, I can say that Odoo developers value the opportunity to work part-time and may take a number of initiatives concurrently. They prefer to work remotely, so the Amrsen model of creating fully-equipped home offices is particularly useful. Moreover, if you’re a no-name company in the Indian labor market, the probabilities to recruit an impressive skilled are lower. Because of that, it’s cheap to take care of your employer branding earlier than getting into an unknown IT atmosphere.

Skill List:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in IT (BSc IT/CS, BCA, BE IT/CS or equivalent).
  • Technical understanding of existing functionalities of Odoo v 8.0 or above.
  • Development and extention of the Open Object framework in Odoo v 8.0 or above.
  • Strong knowledge of Core Python and programming concepts.
  • Strong knowledge of Postgres SQL & Unix/Linux platform.
  • Knowledge of different Project Lifecycles.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, it’s not that easy to find nice Magento developers, particularly because of the high demand for them available on the market. In addition, you might need to spend a lot of time searching and choosing candidates in accordance together with your particular necessities. That’s why delivering this difficult process to a dependable vendor is a pain-relieving solution. We will probably be happy to help you in hiring Odoo developers or any other software engineers with the perfect expertise and skillsets.

All in all, Amrsen is an It staffing company that is able to care for all your operational processes, together with recruitment, authorized compliance, actual estate, and accounting. These services all collectively make up your individual effective offshore development center, which is a useful different to traditional outsourcing.

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Business solution-centric IT Consultant and IT professional with about 11+ years of experience