Like all things Amish, Amish baby furniture is made from the finest quality raw materials using solid wood, lovingly handcrafted in the old fashioned manner, and is made so sturdily that you can rest assured that your baby is as safe as can be.

If you want the very best kind of furniture for your baby, and probably already have Amish bedroom furniture or some other pieces of dining and/or living room furniture from the Amish, then you know that this is your best option for furnishing the nursery as well. With the traditional Amish craftsmen evolving with the times, there are more options of Amish baby furniture available today than ever before.

Amish Baby Cribs – Solidly and beautifully built, each of these pieces of furniture bring along with them, the reassurance that there will be no chipping, breaking, or collapsing that can possibly endanger your child's wellbeing. It isn't just the unerringly perfect construction but also the assurance that the best quality materials are used that parents find reassuring. There are no harmful paints or chemical treatments used, so that a parent can rest easy, knowing that they have got the best and safest furniture options for their child.

Amish Convertible Cribs – These uniquely versatile items for a baby will last practically till your baby is grown up! This is because convertible cribs expand as your baby grows and increases in height. This is not just a way to economize but to minimize the waste of buying different beds for your child as he or she grows. Also the child has the comfort of being able to use his or her own bed throughout childhood without having to adjust to something new and unfamiliar.

Amish Baby High Chairs – Far from the mass produced plastic looking items that pass for baby highchairs today, the Amish still build baby high chairs the way they are supposed to be – using solid wood. Beautiful and sturdy designs, these chairs offer best of both worlds. While they look beautiful, as highchairs should, they also come equipped with modern safety measures such as a central rod to keep a baby from slipping, belts, harnesses and so on. Some innovative designs of Amish baby high chairs can also double as a rocking horse as well as a desk and chair as and when required, simply by changing the position of the item of furniture.

Other Amish Baby Furniture – There are so many other options for baby furniture that can be used for a nursery. Not only do the Amish create beautiful changing tables, their chests of drawers are also great options if a changing table is something that you don't need. They can be great storage spaces for baby's things now as well as in the future. Dressers, rocking chairs, night stands, and so many other beautiful items can be a perfect fit for the nursery. Not just that, handcrafted wooden toys are another offering from the Amish which may be just the thing for your little one.

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The author uses a custom tablecloth to protect her wooden table. Amish oak furniture looks exquisite and needs minimal care. Wholesale Amish furniture may be the right choice for your home in terms of quality and cost.