Nowadays, buying expensive jewelry is a luxury that most of us cannot afford, but this does not mean that we have to deprive ourselves of some of the good things in life. Amethyst jewelry such as amethyst rings is a practical choice because they are economical and yet look elegant and classy so we can wear them for everyday use or on special affairs.

But before we buy our amethyst rings, there are a few things we need to look at to ensure that they can last us a lifetime. Thankfully, there are numerous websites that we can visit where we can learn more about this type of stone in jewelry.


One of the things to consider when buying an Amethyst Ring is the authenticity of the stone. Unfortunately, there is a large percentage of amethyst stones that are imitation stones.

Go to your trusted jeweler and ask whether the stone is an imitation of the real deal. We should take note that there are three grade levels for amethyst stones: Siberian, Uruguayan, and Bahrain.

If we are looking to buy top-grade amethyst rings, then we should look for the Siberian stone. The lowest grade is Bahrain. Next to consider is the richness of the color. The deepest violet shade is the most expensive and prices go lower as the color range goes lighter.

A word to the wise: Oriental amethyst rings because these are not exactly amethyst stones, but sapphire stones that have a similar shade as that of the amethyst.


Taking care of our amethyst rings is essential to their longevity. The first rule of thumb is to avoid wearing them under direct sunlight as this can alter the hue of the stone.

Cleaning it regularly is also essential in keeping it in good condition for a long time. We can simply mix water and light liquid soap and then dip a toothbrush with soft bristles to lightly scrub off the dirt.

If our amethyst rings have other stones in them, we should also check on how to properly care for them, so we can keep the entire ring sparkling clean to make them look brand new all the time.

As for the ring where the stone is set, there are also ways for us to keep them clean. Sterling silver can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth, dampened with warm water and mild liquid soap.

For gold, leave it in a mixture of warm water; about three-quarters of water, and a quarter of mild liquid soap. Polish both types of rings off with a dry soft cloth.

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