American family insurance launched on 3rd October1927. Now, it has completed 100 years of
professional services. This company has been started in Madison, Wisconsin when a salesman
Herman pinged the doors of Farmers Mutual insurance Company. On that time, this insurance
agency was offering only auto insurance, whereas farmers were targeted market. It was the
Wittwer’s believe that farmers offering lower risks than city drivers because they drove less
often and almost never in the session of winter.

With the passage of time, Farmers Mutual increase its market share and production line so that
they can meet the challenges of changing world. Also they were intent to meet needs and
demands of their customers. As well as, in the same year Farmers Mutual changed their name to
cover the wide area and to increase market share. They named it American Family Mutual
Insurance, by changing this name they was trying to show a message that now they are appealing
to whole American customers.

Functional Zone of American Family Insurance
This family insurance group is in the city Madison of Wisconsin. And from 2011 it created 4 more regional corporate headquarters for the convenience of their customers. Their headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio, Denver, Colorado, Saint Joseph, Missouri and in Minnetonka/Eden Prairie also among others.

Insurance Plan by American Family Insurance
There are several types of insurance plan and packages which this agency is offering. It is
offering universal, term and life insurance for whole life; business, personal and auto insurance;
home insurance; motorcycle, motor home and boat, personal umbrella insurance, car and
snowmobile insurance; business policy package and business liability key policy insurance;
medical, global, trip cancellation, travel, farm and ranch liability insurance.

Awards for American Family Insurance
This insurance group providing excellent services to their customers and their customer are also
quite satisfied to the services. That is why this insurance agency has won many awards, and these
awards are now prove and acceptance of their performance. It was selected as recipient of the
award by National Safety Council in 2010 for Teen Driving Safety Leadership award. In the
program “Teen Safe Driver Program” this insurance company fixed video camera in vehicles
especially in cars and keep record of these video. This is called DriveCam system. They provide
these recorded video to the parents of teen drivers so that they can give back their opinions to the
insurance company. This program was very effective to reduce the number of accidents, also it
was analyzed by scientists in the Lowa University and validated, as final results scientists ensure
that it will reduce 70% dangerous and risky driving behavior.

American family insurance

Overview of American Family Insurance

This family insurance agency is private and mutual company, which pays very well attention to
their clients and their primary focus is on casualty, property and on auto insurance, also this
agency is offering coverage for home owners, life insurance, commercial insurance and health
insurance . As well as they offer retirement planning and investment products for the customers
of United States of America.

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shafat ali is wrtter and teacher since five years.