I am Amber, the ancient history of all that IS. I am the cycles of death and re-birth, the continuation of life energy. I bring the
Message that all that has happened to the Earth and the people of the earth is the cycle of understanding. I incorporate all the
Teachings that have been upon the earth ,that are now within your realm of understanding. Layer upon layer these teachings have been stored within me, now ready to come forth to those who will receive them.

Just as all that has been has been pressed into my form, so has all that you are and have been stored within you. The old memories of understanding and perfection are mixed in with the stagnant emotions of past hurt. All of these have worked to bring you to this place of understanding the energy of death and re-birth.

Death is not as many have come to believe it. It is not the end of one thing, it is rather the transmuting power of change, into what was intended, energy. Many of you store your old pain and emotions, much as all that comes into contact with me are
Stored within me. Whereas you allow these old pains to continue to cause you pain, I use these to create new. I hear the
Message of all that is around me, building upon it, to create newness. I am the fragments of history, the joy ,the wonder, the battles, the tears of all that have been. Yet I have learned to walk in beauty with these things. They are not me as individual
Aspects, without, still causing harm. They are now ONE with me and I with them.

This is the re-birth I come to teach you of. When you accept the teachings of what has been, shift it through your inner self
And allow yourself to be one with the teaching but unaffected in a personal way by the method of the learning, through this
You will understand re-birth. This is done by allowing the higher vibration of love to sift through each happening that has
Been in your life. In this way you remove the element of pain from it and see it as a teacher, a messenger, come to help you to
Understand an aspect of yourself you were not willing to look at without the messenger. All pain, sickness, dis-ease and
Sorrow are but messengers, bringing to your awareness an area you do not want to see with your physical eyes, instead you
Now are forced to see with inner eyes.

Each thing that has brought tears, joy, sadness, love, laughter, pain or gladness has been the guide that has opened your
Understanding to further Knowing ,of self and ALL that IS. I align myself with the Golden One, that the pain may be
Released and the Knowing or Understanding may be revealed. See yourself as the expression of All That Is, an expression of
Perfect creation. Within your inner self is the wisdom of the Ages, All that you need to know is within you. As my history and
The history of All times is within me, so it is with you. I am here to help you to remember how to Be, you are all that has been
And will be. The knowing is within you. Listen now as the Ancient Ones speak to you through me and the energy of the
Golden One. Hear your inner voice and know that within you is the memory of perfection and the understanding of living this
Perfection within this lifetime.

I work with your yellow energy to help you to remember, with your orange to help you know the courage and strength to
Accept what you remember, with the earth energy to ground your pain and fix the knowing within your inner most self. I work
With your crown energy to help bring about the understanding of the things revealed to you. Know is the time to remember
and to come into the re-birth of acceptance and knowing for which you were created.

Author's Bio: 

Donna is a shamanic healer, author, teacher and life coach who shares methods of healing and empowering yourself from within.
Her passion is helping others to look inward where their answers reside and fan them to life so that they may lead a joyful and full life.
She offers online classes, podcasts, ebooks, coaching and healing sessions to assist you in your spiritual journey.