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Once the smart TV is connected to the high speed internet, one can easily download the Amazon Prime application or by default all the smart TVs comes with pre-installed Amazon Prime app.

Simple and easy way of getting started with your prime subscription is –

Go to the Amazon Prime app and click the Sign-in button, if you are already a Prime member

Then comes the screen with a url i.e a web address –, and a six digit alpha numeric code.

Once you open the link on to any of your device such as , Mobile, Laptop or Tablet, you will have to sign in with your amazon account details.

After you sign in, the screen will display a box to enter the details and register your smart device or TV with amazon prime. The box will display an example code for your reference i.e HQ2WZ4, which will automatically change once you start typing your code that is displayed on to the smart TV.

How Much Amazon Prime Subscription Cost and its Benefits?

The Cost of prime video in Canada cost about CDN $7.99/pm i.e Canadian dollars, similarly in US it costs about $14.99/pm i.e US dollars. With prime membership, initial trial period is offered to all the customers who sign up for the first time with their new billing and email details. After the First 30 day free trial, the billing details entered by the customer is automatically used to charge for the next coming month. But amazon prime often sends the notifications of free trial ending so that the customer can decide to opt or go with the prime membership.

Major benefits that the prime subscription or prime member gets is the unlimited entertainment, with all the movies and shows included in prime, all in HD quality and in various languages.

Second most important and good benefit of prime membership is that the customer gets free and fast delivery on all the eligible purchases made. With prime the customer also gets various deals and offers that solely for the prime customers.

Not just this but now the Amazon prime customers gets more benefits of e-books with their subscription. The customers in Canada can now access to a range of selected e-books, comics and much more that are regularly refreshed at no extra cost.

The customers on Quebec, Canada gets more benefits with prime membership, i.e they get a 2 – month trial offer to try prime video for free. With prime you also get prime music and can always listen to a range of new music albums included in prime.

Switch on your TV and snap-on Amazon prime alternative seen on your TV.

2. From that point onward, you will see a choice to enroll on

3. Snap on that alternative. You will get a six digit code. Eg: GMTHBB

4. Note down that code so you should add it while account marking.

5. Presently you require a record on or Amazon application so that

6. you can finish your registration successfully done.

Follow These Steps to Sign in to Your Amazon Prime Account Through Your Smart TV:

Most importantly, switch on your Smart TV. Then visit enter code Simple process to activate your Amazon prime video on your smart device or phone. Enter code mytv and click on the enter button. Then you see your Amazon prime account activate and you can easily watch your web shows, movies and videos.

Switch on your Smart TV.

On your landing page, go to the Amazon Prime TV application.

If you don't have it, go to the play store or the App Store and download the application.

Open the Amazon Prime application.

Go to the Sign-in choice.

Now, you will get a code on your Smart TV.

Visit the site referenced on the screen. for example

Type in the code.

Click on the 'go' or 'enter' alternative.

Soon you get the notice on your TV.

Now you can appreciate watching various shows and TV.

The first way to see it on TV is that when you open a session of the service on your computer, you connect it to the TV using one of the different available outputs, such as HDMI or VGA. If you maximize the web browser window on your PC, you can watch movies with the largest possible screen size that the TV allows.

A second way to watch amazon prime video is through your smart TV. If it is not installed, you can enter the TV application store to download it. Once you have it, proceed to log in with your username and password to start enjoying the programming you have.

The third option is through external devices that are connected to the TV through the HDMI input and that use applications similar to the one described above. All these teams must have the official Amazon Prime Video application to run.

It is perfectly possible to use Amazon Prime Video services from an Android or iPhone mobile device, to tablets. To do this, it is necessary to have a good internet connection, of at least 4G or with internet access via Wi-Fi. Of course, it is also essential to enter the application stores and download the official Amazon Prime Video application.

Easy Way to Activate Amazon Prime Using

For enacting the amazon membership, you need to follow the fundamental advances that are given beneath:

Most importantly, you need to look for the amazon prime video on Smart Tv.

You presently need to pick the alternatives to sign in from the "Register on the Amazon Website"

After this, you need to tap on the "Sign in and Start".

Presently, you will get the amazon check code, simply note it down.

After this, open the internet browser and visit

Enter the 6 digits enter code on the

Trust that the amazon will initiate the membership.

How to register Amazon Prime Video on your Android TV?

Utilizing the far off provided with the Internet gadget, go to the home button.

Select Amazon Video symbol situated under Featured applications.

From the Amazon Video application, select Register on the Amazon site.

Record the amazon activation code gave.

Utilizing a PC, go to

Sign-in with a functioning email address and secret key or snap Create your Amazon account.

Utilize the code recorded on stage 3 to interface the gadget with the Amazon account. .

Select Continue.

An affirmation message shows up on the TV screen if enrollment is effective.

Select Continue on your TV Amazon Video application to enjoy Amazon Prime Video.

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