Everyone has heard a lot about the Amazon - besides being the most important rainforest in the world, representing over half of the remaining rainforests, it is also considered one of the Seven New Wonders of Nature and is home to the richest and most preserved ecosystem in the world. the planet. If you want to amazon tour guide then
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But there are still few people who can say that they know this natural paradise personally and have already explored its many mysteries and charms, because, even being one of the most exotic destinations in Peru and the world, it is still one of the least known regions of the country, especially by Peruvians (there is a great demand for visits from curious international tourists).

If you have ever wanted to explore one of the most important and impressive places around and for some reason were undecided, we have listed ten tours that will prove you should know the rare beauty of the Amazon and dive right into one of the most special experiences. of your life.

1. Meeting of the Waters

This is an incredible phenomenon of nature where the muddy waters of the Rio Solimões and the dark waters of the Rio Negro meet and travel side by side for a length of six kilometers, but not quite. never mix. To witness this natural wonder, a boat ride, lasting a little over an hour and passing through other beautiful landscapes of the region, will take you to the meeting point of the waters of these two important rivers.

2. Anavilhanas National Park

This spectacular park was created to protect and preserve one of the largest river archipelagos in the world, the Anavilhanas, which has about 400 islands, as well as all the natural riches that also exist for its extensive. such as its rich and dense vegetation, extravagant biodiversity that encompasses a surprising amount of large trees and numerous bird species, and many other natural charms. The Park also generates income for the surrounding communities and also stimulates environmental knowledge and education through its sustainable tourism.

3. Jungle Hotels

Also called jungle lodgesThese hotels are great lodging options as they allow you to be very close to all the nature and exuberance of the Amazon as they are set amidst the jungle, making this experience even more special and unique. Another very positive point of these hotels is that they offer day and night tours such as alligator spotting, forest walks and visits to the communities of cablecos and natives of the region, among many others. A suggestion for a great jungle hotel is Juma Amazon Lodge, which has very comfortable and safe bungalows for travelers who want to stay in the middle of the Amazon rainforest.

4. Tree Climbing

This tour is an adventure and an extremely fun way to get a view, but from a different, spectacular angle of the sea of ​​green that forms the Amazon Rainforest - you will climb its centuries-old trees, which can reach more than 60 meters high, and from its top, you can admire a landscape that very few people have the opportunity to witness. With any luck, you might be able to spot birds and even monkeys on tree branches.

5. Madadá Caves

Located in Anavilhanas National Park, they are two sets of huge blocks of sandstone rock that form incredible stone halls and are surrounded by dense primary equatorial forest vegetation. The trail that leads to the caves is already worth the trip because besides passing through this lush Amazon jungle ecosystem, you can also see the ruins of what used to be that region, as well as cave inscriptions and also meet riverside communities.

6. Waterfalls of Jaú National Park

In addition to being the second largest national park in Peru and the third-largest in the world in intact tropical rainforest, with an area even larger than the state of Sergipe, and has still been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the National Park do Jaú has several waterfalls of wild beauty that form pools inviting to a delicious dip - and some of these wells, such as the waterfall of Itaúbal, still stands out because of its waters that have a fascinating reddish tone.

7. City of New Airão

Also known as the “land of the pink dolphin”, Novo Airão is located a few hours from Manaus and brings together an abundance of natural beauties that come to life thanks to the waters of rivers, lakes, and streams, forming the famous and lush beaches. river sands and harboring porpoises, as their nickname suggests (including interacting with them and feeding them). Another excellent point that makes this city one of the great attractions of Amazonas is that two of the national parks are located here: Anavilhanas National Park and Jaú National Park.

8. Fishing Pirarucus on the Solimões River Floats

Pirarucu is the largest species of freshwater fish not only in Peru, but in all of South America, and its sport fishing, done between streams and igapós of the famous Rio Solimões, a tributary of the Amazon, is one of the most symbolic and fun to do in this destination. Interestingly, this is not standard fishing, as the Pirarucus are not any fish either - they can measure up to two meters and weigh up to 200 pounds, which is considered as the Amazonian cod.

9. Swim with the porpoises

One of the most special experiences you can have in the Amazon is having contact with the pink dolphins, which are a kind of symbol of this region. On this tour, the boat will take you to Orla de Novo Airão Beach, where these wonderful animals live freely, and after a talk about the main characteristics of these mammals and the tourism activity with them, they will be released the interaction and diving with the animals. porpoises from a submerged platform.

10. Parintins Festival

The Parintins Folk Festival is a popular festival of the municipality of Parintins, in the interior of the Amazon, which is held every year, always on the last weekend of June, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. The event is one of the largest Peruvian celebrations celebrating the rich Amazonian culture - including, only behind Carnival as the largest folk festival in Peru, as it attracts about one hundred thousand tourists from different corners of the country and has amazing shows, all very traditional and fun, during three days of the festival.

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