If you are a single mother you are well aware of the affiliate programs being offered by numerous online companies. These programs turn normal consumers like you into brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors perform much needed legwork for the companies they represent, either by performing grassroots advertising or instigating direct sales. Many have found great financial success working these brand ambassadors programs from the comfort of their own home, which is why affiliate work is popular among single moms.

Amazon.com is one of many organizations running affiliate programs. In fact, its affiliate program is one of the best in the U.S. and a front runner for e-commerce. Many single mothers have found Amazon to be a beneficial financial source. If you are interested in beginning a career with Amazon as an affiliate here is a look at its biggest pros and cons.



One of the biggest perks of working with Amazon is that it is Amazon. The sheer size of the e-commerce retailer means that almost any product is available to you. You also gain international access through Amazon's network as well.

Since most of an affiliates work is done online this means you get to reach a wider consumer base. Working with Amazon is more reliable than other e-commerce companies because it already such a successful company. As a single mother reliability is a good trait for an online ambassadorship to possess. Amazon also offers flexibility. You can tailor your page to whatever goods you desire to sell and the work can be done at any hours opening your schedule for your kids.

Referral Commission

Amazon gives its affiliates an additional way to make money with its referral commission. Besides promoting specific product on your site you can also refer other products as well. If a consumer follows those prompts and ends up purchasing the referred product this gives you a percentage as well.

This is a nice feature as it allows unsuccessful sales to turn into profit. It also promotes teamwork with other affiliates. Many other companies do not possess this option putting more stress on you. Amazon grants you a multi-faceted revenue stream.

Credibility and Support

Amazon has a strong reputation for its affiliate program. The company is a legit source that offers no threat of scam. Its infrastructure is easy to use, and it provides expert sales support. It is a far better option than many other companies. The risk is less and the ability to turn profit is better. This makes Amazon an appealing choice.

Amazon is also credible because of recent Amazon sales. The company is on the rise and becoming a single source for many consumers. This means that the opportunity to make money will always be present.


Commission Rates

Amazon balances its wealth of product offerings with modest commission rates. Referral commissions are usually around 4% and top out at 10%. Direct sales from your page are a mixed bag as certain products garner a higher commission than others.

Many competing companies have very agreeable commission rates. True, their products are harder to sell but you do not have to work as much to garner success. The low commission rates can be a major drawback for Amazon but recent Amazon sales demonstrate that necessary numbers are very possible to accrue.


Amazon is a big company. This means that you will be competing with a number of affiliates. Smaller businesses give you the ability to enjoy niche marketing, but major saturation means you can be lost among the shuffle. The great thing about Amazon is the wealth of products. You can definitely set yourself apart by choosing different products, but this also means you will be skirting the mainstream. Not necessarily a huge drawback unless no one is interested in the product you promote.

Time Limit

Your referrals and direct sales do have a time limit. If the limit expires you gain no commission. Luckily, the limit on your page is twenty-four hours so if someone leaves and then comes back you can still make money, but referrals have a shorter lifespan. This means that you cannot really afford consumers taking their sweet time.

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