Each and every one of us likes to have our social networks updated with the most original and funny words. Today, we bring you the following phrases which can be used as WhatsApp and Facebook status . They are the shortest, most beautiful, original and funny.

o When the road becomes difficult, only the strong continues walking.

o What a paradox when I look at the number of closed minds with their mouths always open!!!

o Now that you've left, I've got it clear. I'll never remember you because I'll never be able to forget you.

o I want one of those hugs of yours that without saying anything, they make me feel everything.

o You just have to fear fear, because it is the reason you never fulfill your dreams

o The problem of the human being is that he only proposes goals, when in reality it is best to achieve them.

o Now is the exact time to do what you want so much. Let nothing stop you!

o If you imagine that your life has limits, you will never be able to overcome them.

o Friendship is living with security that the bad is never forever, friendship is synonymous with happiness.

o I'm so eager to tell you how much I love you, that if I keep quiet, subtitles will come out.

o Love is sharing the greatest and most beautiful feeling in two different hearts.

o The looks you give me would be nice if it were not for the jealousy I have for all the air around you.

o What you criticize so much about me is not valid, it's called envy, and it only happens in bad people.

o Do not listen to proverbs, because the early bird is sleepy all day long.

o What if we pretend that the world is ours? Since nobody else exists, we are only you and I to procreate.

o In life, experiences are either good or bad, but they are all learned.

o My Facebook account has the annoying vice of visiting your profile at every moment. It is crazy about you.

o Enemy is not who hates me. The enemy is he who calls me friend without feeling it.

o So many phrases, so many messages, so many words, and I have not yet managed to understand you.

o The most beautiful things in my life happen when you are with me. Never leave my side!

o Never criticize my way in life, I invite you to put on my shoes and make decisions.

o The conscience is the one that will remind you in the future of all the evil you have shared in life.

o It is not a good idea to drink to forget, because that is why now I will have to see you double.

o "I cannot" is the excuse of a coward, fear is the biggest cause of failures in history.

o Only you can judge yourself, because only you know your reasons and the decisions you make.

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