Buddhism is one of the major religions practiced in the world, particularly in the Asian continent. It is not uncommon to find Buddha statues in Buddhist homes. These Buddha figurines hold a special meaning for Buddhists the world over. It is believed that praying in front of a Buddha statue helps to purify the mind. It uplifts one’s soul to a spiritual realm, and helps one gain a deeper understanding of Buddha’s teachings.

A Buddha statue also helps one to overcome sin and control negative emotions. These figurines are also common Buddha gifts. Buddha décor also includes a number of these statues. Because Buddha figurines are invaluable, it is important that you choose them well. Here are a few tips to guide you as you look for them:

1. The Face Painting

The face is perhaps the most important part of a Buddha statue. For this reason, you should pay close attention to the face of the statue you intend to buy. The best statues are those that have fine painting. If the eye, tika and nose outlines of the figurine are finely done, then that is also a top quality statue. Finally, the face of the figurine should depict one or several of Buddhist teachings, such compassion, peace or joy.

2. Carvings on the Body

Another important factor you should consider before you buy a Buddha sculpture is the marks on the body. Ideally, any artist carving a Buddha sculpture should put in the work required and show keen attention to detail. Markings on the figurine’s body should be fine, delicate and meticulously done. If the carvings on the body lack the finesse that you expect from quality Buddha sculptures, then the quality of the sculptures is certainly questionable.

3. The Ears

Every Buddha figurine should have long ears. It is a simple way to determine whether the figurine is of good quality or not. Long ears on a Buddha sculpture are a mark of genuine artistry.

4. Buy Buddhist Sculptures

You will be surprised to learn that you can easily confuse statues of other religions for Buddhist statues. It happens more often than you might think. Usually, people confuse Hindu figurines for Buddhist ones. One way to ensure that you buy a true Buddha figurine is to look for the holy positions of Buddha in the statue. A Buddha figurine with the right hand touching the earth depicts the enlightened Buddha, while one with hands on laps shows a meditating Buddha. Also, consider the purpose for which you are buying the figurine. If you want to attain peace in your home, a meditating Buddha would be the best choice. If you want joy and happiness in your home, then look for a happy Buddha figurine.

5. Where you Buy the Figurines

Ideally, you should aim at purchasing Buddha statues that are made in Nepal and Tibet, since that is where the original figurines are made. However, you can also buy a Buddha statue online. If you do choose to buy your Buddha statue online, you will need to exercise more caution in order to ensure that you buy an original sculpture.


If you wish to buy Buddha décor for your home or you want to buy Buddha gifts for your loved ones, figurines and statues are the ideal choice. By following the tips above, you should have an easy time selecting top quality figurines.

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