Green is not an odd color as you may think. If your favorite color is green, then you can go ahead and install green kitchen cabinets. This color scheme is attractive and modern. You will enjoy the final look if you consider the tips from experts on how to handle green in the kitchen.

We have a couple of useful tips that can help you get started with green kitchen cabinets.

Top ideas to get you started in a green kitchen

Here are some great ideas that can get you started:

Brighten dark green with marble

The key to maximizing the look of your kitchen is to mix the right colors with green. Darker shades of green can be amazing but need dramatic countertop ideas to make them playful in the kitchen. You should add marble countertops to create a decorative element in the kitchen. the marble will look more dramatic with deep green.

Choose green and white for a small and dark space

Your green kitchen cabinets can look fabulous if they are combined with white. It gives the kitchen a classic appeal with a modern touch. The crispiness created by the two colors is amazing, more especially if you have a low-ceilinged kitchen.

The result will be better if you combine green with a vibrant shade of white. It creates better contrast that makes the kitchen look more beautiful. As a tip, you should have a neutral wall color if you are mixing green and white in the kitchen.

Two shades of green

Green has many shades that you can use to your advantage in the kitchen. Consider doubling up with two shades of green. It will have an amazing look. The best look will be achieved if you have a black and white tiled floor with rattan chairs.

Use artwork

Artwork can also work to make your kitchen more beautiful with green kitchen cabinets. All that you have to do is to pick a piece of artwork that complements the color green in the kitchen. You can borrow some ideas online on Pinterest if you don’t know where to start.

Add black chandelier

If you have a kitchen island with a touch of green, you can spice it up with a black chandelier hanging. This is a tip that you need to reflect upon before you implement it. Visualize color contrasts before you start.

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