Hurdles are a form of running by jumping up the hurdles set up for the same. You might have seen athletes running over the hurdles in a race. But one should understand that this is one of the hardest forms of running. You can adjust the height of the hurdles before running. Hurdles are made running difficult. Hurdles help in strengthening the muscles of the body. The major health benefits of hurdles are many.

Helps in gaining height- Hurdles help us in gaining height faster. As it is a mixture of jumping and running, it helps in boosting the growth of the bones. This is the reason why hurdles help in height gain.

Helps in bone flexibility- Hurdles make runners do a lot of movements of the legs blending with jumping varieties. This helps in maintaining the flexibility of the bones that help them to run as well as jump in a perfect manner. Such an exercise helps in reducing the risks of gaining arthritis or any kind of joint pain.

Muscle strengthening-As hurdles needs the support of every muscle in the body for completing the action, it helps in strengthening the muscles right from those in the joints to that in the stomach.

Helps in the circulation of blood- When one experiences poor circulation of blood, he/she tends to have low blood pressure as well as heart attack. Hurdles help the body to increase the flow of blood to the body, which helps in controlling the health problems that are caused due to low blood circulation.

Increases the balance as well as coordination of the body- When you practice hurdles exercises on a regular basis, you will be able to maintain the balance as well as the coordination of the body. It will help us to stay stable and not fall down easily. It also keeps us more active and more agile.

FitnessHurdles is an activity that helps our muscles stay strong. It will help us stay active all through and never feel tired while performing any activity that can tend to make us feel weak. It will also make our muscles strong, particularly the muscles in the joints.

Helps in promoting the functions of the brain- It is a surprising fact to understand that hurdles can help in promoting the functioning of the brain. The performance of the brain increases as the blood is circulated quickly when we perform this task. While circulation of the blood takes place, more amount of oxygen reaches the body. The brain too receives a fair amount of oxygen. This helps to make the brain function extremely well.

Helps in reducing the risks of developing heart diseases- Health benefits of hurdles are many. But the major one is that it helps the heart to perform well. Heart muscles perform extremely well while doing hurdles. As a result, the two ventricles that help in pumping the blood become thicker and it helps the heart to perform well. Their size grows wider to around twenty percent. This will help the ventricles to pump more amount of blood and makes the beat of the heart decrease to forty to fifty times a minute. Usually heart does not work so hard for the purpose of distributing blood to all parts of the body. As per researches, the runners are the ones who usually do not suffer from diseases related to the heart.

Other benefits
Hurdles helps in strengthening the bones and joints, helps to promote the health of the knees, Increases the performance of the brain and even shapes the muscles in the proper way.
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