Online and land-based gaming in New Zealand is no longer new to most people. However, don't forget that the casino industry constantly evolves. So changes are expected regularly.

Most players are often too quick to conclude that they know it all. If you are residing in New Zealand or intend to gamble on an online casino that accepts NZ players, then you need to read this.

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Are you familiar with the history of online and land-based casinos in NZ? There you go!

Are their online casinos that accept New Zealand players?

Yes, the list is endless. In the past, it was very difficult to find online casinos that accepted players from NZ. However, all that has changed since the passing of the 2003 Gambling. This paved the way for New Zealanders to register and win prizes gambling on online casinos operating outside the shores of the country.

Nonetheless, always make that the casinos are licensed by top gambling agencies. Some of the trusted licensing agencies are the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gambling Authority, and Curacao Gambling Commission.

Finally, NZ is the new harvesting ground for online casino websites. Most land-based players are indicating more interest in playing online. Before choosing online casino players should rely on the opinion of casino expert guides like where you can find a top list of the best casino sites and guides for frequently asked questions. Whichever one you choose, bet responsibly.

History of online and land-based casinos New Zealand

Do you know that the earliest form of gambling in New Zealand was horse racing? To be precise the first horse racing took place in the Bay of Islands sometime in 1835. Although bookmakers were later prohibited from betting on horseracing, it was still the most popular way to gamble in NZ.

After a few years, sports betting took over. Then the state coordinated, regulated and monitored every activity that took place as regards sports betting. The Totalisator Agency Board was the agency responsible for overseeing sports betting in New Zealand then. They are still in operations.

By the late 1980s, gambling laws became a little bit relaxed. The state legalized other forms of gambling. In 1987 the lottery was introduced, slot machines followed suit a year later, and in 1989 casinos were introduced. The idea was to decrease the betting on horse racing. It paid off because the latest statistics show that casinos and playing pokies have taken over. Betting on horsing racing and other forms of gambling accounts for 18%. Meanwhile, pokies and casinos are topping the chart.

Is online casino betting legal in New Zealand?
Although online gambling in New Zealand is legal, operating an online casino in the country is prohibited. This is according to the 2003 Gambling Act. This law prohibits interactive gambling and online gambling falls within this scope.

However, this law exempts gambling by any person residing in New Zealand on any online site operated outside the country. In other words, New Zealanders can gamble on any site operated outside the shores of the country and this is completely legal.
Furthermore, the law also prohibits any form of advertising of any online casino operating outside the shores of New Zealand.

Is gambling in a land-based casino legal?

Most New Zealander know the answer to this question. It is a loud yes! However, you must be within the legal age to gamble in a land-based casino.

Players must be 20 years and above to enter a land-based casino and gamble. Strict compliance is enforced. So don’t be found wanting.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t just sit by your computer and let this There are plenty of great reasons to try out a New Zealand casino today. Whether you’re living in the country or connecting online through the internet, there are plenty of great games to enjoy and a huge potential to win big money.

Things have certainly come a long way from the days of horse racing, but one thing hasn’t changed. The excitement that New Zealanders feel when winning a big bet. Truly nothing on earth can match that level of excitement!

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