My little sister's birthday was approaching, so I decided to give her some simple semi-permanent eyelash extensions. I always borrowed my makeup and was completely overjoyed when I told her I had made an appointment with an advisor who would apply her lashes and explain a little about them. We thought semi-permanent extensions were the best, as they stick to natural lashes individually and last quite a long time.

When the big day came, my sister was very elated, but the technician was very kind and quickly reassured her. She told us that the extensions needed to be applied carefully and carefully. My sister should never take them off because they should fall casually and they shouldn't use oil-based fluids on them either.

The consultant's suggestion was to use separable tab lengths to make extensions look thicker and sexier. He also recommended a natural look because my sister was only eighteen years old and it wouldn't look good if her lashes suddenly went exotic. We also noticed that you can apply colored tabs with or without gems pasted on them!

The lashes themselves are synthetic or made of mink, they are lightweight and add fullness and attraction to your eyes. The entire focus took about an hour and a half, it was worth every minute, as my sister looked starry-eyed when the lash extensions were in place.

I researched the procedure on the world wide web and discovered that between fifty and one hundred individual tabs are attached to each eyelid during the process. They would last about the same time as natural lashes that tend to fall out over a two-week period but then grow back. My sister was told that she could put on makeup, but that the mask was not necessary. If you were to use it, you could apply it to the tips of your lashes. They also told him to abstain or stay away from contact with the water around the eyes for the first day until the glue is firmly attached.

Once we got home, Mom couldn't believe her little girl's revolution and after studying her for a few minutes she declared that it was the new image. We all thought it was a fantastic idea, but my sister was ideally excited. She felt older and was ready to go out and celebrate her eighteenth birthday.

Prices will vary depending on the type of lash extensions you choose, but since it was for my sister's special birthday, the fee was worth every penny. Touch-ups can be done every two to three weeks at a practical cost. It removes loose and loose lashes and it's a good step to make your new lash extensions look as good as the day they were applied.

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If you thought that eyelash extensions were a risk-free solution to achieving long and thick lashes.