Bhai Dooj is a common yet crucial custom observed in most Indian families. It's not an important event just for the brother, but for the sister as well, who does all the arrangements required to carry out the custom. What she receives consequently? A delightful gift!

Bhai Dooj, without a speck of doubt, is a ritual that rotates around the brother, however, presents are exchanged between both- the brother as well as the sister. Regardless of whether you have a sister who is holding up to carry out the rituals of Bhai dooj with you, or have a brother for whom you are organising the function, you can't escape without gifting the other a gift they would absolutely adore. On the off chance that you are confused regarding what gift to purchase this Bhai Dooj, here is a list of options you can check out-

What to gift to your brother?

• Men are excessively fond of wallets. And their joy simply doubles when they receive one as a gift. If you know for sure, your brother too is a big fan of wallets, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get them one this Bhai Dooj. Since, there is no shortage of options in the market, selecting the right wallet shouldn’t be a problem for you.

• Your brother might also like apparel for a gift. Yes, men love clothes just as much as women do. So, whether it’s a shirt, a pair of trousers or simply a cap, you can leave your brother spellbound by gifting him a clothing item of his choice.

• Another simple yet extremely popular Bhai Dooj gift item is a key chain. Most boys own bicycles if not a car or motorbike. And that is why a keychain would come across as a practical and useful gift. Key chains can also be opted for if you are on a budget. No matter how high-end a particular keychain is, it’s not going to break your bank.

These are a few simple yet effective gift items to present your brother this Bhai Dooj. If, however, you are a man, looking for the perfect gift item for your sister, checking out the list below would be the best bet.

What to gift to your sister?

• One item that never goes wrong as far as gifting a girl is concerned is a teddy bear. Girls love teddies, irrespective of their age. Hence, if you desire to witness that blooming smile on your sister’s lips, gift her a teddy bear this Bhai Dooj.

• If you want to gift a clothing item to your sister, but are financially constrained, then go for a stole. Stoles are excessively popular and girls simply swear by them. And because they are available in so many colours and patterns, choosing the perfect one for your sister won’t be a problem for you.

With so many online gifting options available, sending gifts to your sibling shouldn’t be a problem even when they are not in the same city as you are.

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