Whey protein is the new prince charming of the bodybuilding world. No other nutrition comes near as far as annual sale is concerned. This normal whey is also mixed with other nutrients and sold as combo too. Lastly, whey also comes in two additional forms: concentrate and isolate. Both have niche market and have many loyal bodybuilders.

This high-quality dairy protein has all the amino acids our body needs that stimulate protein synthesis. Research suggests that when consumed in conjunction with resistance training, it can even improve body composition, that is, build your muscles and reduce fat at the same time.

What is Whey Protein?

Whey is the liquid that results when milk is coagulated into cheese. It is a rich source of amino acids particularly leucine which independently stimulates muscle synthesis. Our body efficiently digests and absorbs whey protein within no time and it can appear in our bloodstream as quickly as 15 minutes within ingestion.

Types of Whey Protein

Today, there are two common varieties of whey are available in the market: concentrate and isolate. The concentrate offers 28-89 percent protein whereas the isolate offers up to 90 percent and it has either miniscule or no fat, lactose or cholesterol.

This type also has a high biological value, or is easily absorbed by the body. The highest naturally occurring protein is an egg, which has a biological value of 100, but whey can have a biological value of 104 depending on its source.

Excellent for Weight Loss

Whey protein helps jumpstart your weight loss program as it has very little fat or carbohydrates and it can even help keep you feel full. Extra carbohydrates, which you cannot burn off, are stored on your tummy as fat.

Two groups of participants were formed at Minnesota Research Center and one group was fed whey protein before breakfast and dinner whereas the others had normal meals. The former group shed much fat than their counterpart's shows how efficient whey protein is.

For Quick Muscle Building

Thanks to the rich content of amino acids, after resistance training our body needs them to repair the broken muscles. Also without these acids our body will tire out quickly. When Whey protein is consumed before and after exercise, it can provide the necessary energy to cross limits and then help recover fast.

In another research conducted at Ontario revealed that those who consumed whey protein had nine times greater muscle repair and growth than those who had other types of protein. After exercise the same people saw a jump of over 120% greater muscle protein synthesis compared to the other group.

Reduces Bad Cholesterol Level

Studies conducted in other universities confirmed that when whey protein was consumed for 12 consecutive weeks the participants' LDL level reduced and it is a good side effect for something as innocent as this.

Promotes Heart Health

University of Minnesota confirmed that many beverages which had whey protein remarkably decreased the blood pressure. This also confirms that whey protein promotes cardiovascular healthy by decreasing unhealthy fat and maintaining cholesterol levels.

Helps Coping With Stress

When patients suffering from depression and stress were given whey it helped them keep in better mood. This happened just because whey made changes in the brain's serotonin levels.

Protects From Cancer to the Max

Whey protein, according to the journal of Anticancer Research, when combined with Glutathione renders amazing benefits in cancer treatment. The other forms of cancer such as prostrate and colon also benefit from whey protein.

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