Following a varied, balanced diet composed of organic foods has multiple benefits that not only positively affect our health but also help to take care of the environment and reduce pollution.

From Total Organic, we want to share with you a series of benefits or reasons to start consuming organic food and start taking care of your health and the planet on the way. Check our guide why should you go organic by science?

In recent years, consuming organic food has gone from being a trend to a way of life. A true awareness of the extent to which the way we eat influences our physical well-being. And there is no doubt: organic food is a commitment to naturalness. A return to the origins of our diet, betting on foods that have not been processed. Ingredients, in short, are obtained as they occur in nature without any extra.

But taking care of our bodies is not the only reason to consume organic food. There is another important advantage of doing this which involves expanding our level of consciousness even further. These types of products are much more respectful of the environment. And not just because they haven't been treated with any kind of chemical. Also because betting on organic food means doing it for organic farming and local consumption. Two details that support the much-needed sustainability.

Therefore, today we want to delve into the advantages of consuming organic food. Some that, far from fashions or trends, are essential to take care of our world. A term that not only refers to what surrounds us but also to something more important: our own body.

Organic food contains less synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilizers. This is very important since numerous experts and studies warn of the dangers of prolonged and repeated exposure to these products that can have carcinogenic effects or cause problems in the correct development of children.

Also, these chemical products usually leave traces of toxic residues so their intake can also be dangerous for health and cause diseases such as heart problems, allergies, asthma, osteoporosis, hyperactivity, headache. So eating organic food is protects the health of both the consumer and the farmer.

And, of course, by not containing these chemicals, they also have a positive impact on the environment since both soil and water pollution are eliminated and biodiversity is rescued and promoted thanks to ecological production methods.

In the case of meat and dairy products without being organic, they have approximately 50% more omega-3 fatty acids. That is, from healthy, unsaturated fats. This is because the animals are raised on pastures and spending a lot of time outdoors. While the meat industries feed them based on animal feed and artificial products.

Also, in conventional farms, they give cattle antibiotics and other chemicals such as synthetic hormones to protect them from disease and make them fat and grow fast and raise them in overcrowded or unsanitary conditions.

Various studies suggest that organically produced foods have more antioxidants and positive properties such as vitamins, proteins, minerals, or natural sugars. compared to conventional ones.

Another reason to switch to organic products is that when produced naturally, their properties are not altered and their true flavors, colors, and aromas can be appreciated, especially in the case of fruits, vegetables, and vegetables.

Ultimately, organic foods do not have chemicals, synthetics or additives are very healthy. Its consumption, for example, will help you strengthen your immune system, improve the quality of sleep, lose weight, and even reduce the chances of developing diseases. Without forgetting that by consuming organic products you also contribute your bit in protecting and caring for the environment.

In our Total Organic, we offer organic vegetable juice. The goal is that diners can enjoy the authentic flavor of the products while taking care of your health.

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