The fifteenth day of Krishna Paksha is known as Amavasya. In other words, this is the last date of Krishna Paksha. The lord of this date is Pitridev. A person should especially observe Amavasya Fast to make his ancestors happy. People also make donations on this day for the worship, Tarpan and salvation of their ancestors.

Apart from this, Amavasya fast becomes more auspicious if it falls on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in Anuradha, Vishakha and Swati nakshatras. When these yogas are formed during Amavasya, the person can get auspicious fruits by the pilgrimages, recitation and meditation. The day of Amavasya is said to be the day of control, worship and meditation.
Types of Amawasya Vrat

Amavasya Payovrat

Lord Vishnu is worshipped during this Vrat. This fast is observed for one year if started. The person observing this fast can drink only milk. A person becomes free from mental sufferings if he keeps the fast till its assigned date. Besides this, this fast also makes the financial condition of the person strong.

Amavasya Vrat

Lord Shiva is worshipped during this fast. Lord Shiva reduces the sufferings of the person observing the fast. The remaining method of the fast is similar to other fasts. It is especially auspicious to offer the things favorite to lord Shiva on this day. These things include Bel stone and Bel paper. A person’s wish is fulfilled soon if he offers these things to lord Shiva with full faith.

Amavasya Pitra Shanti Poojan

As Pitridev is the lord of the date of Amavasya, remedies for the pacification of ancestors are performed on this day. The people who have Pitridosha in their birth chart should take a bath in the morning on the day of Amavasya and should prepare Kheer from milk. Then, they should offer this Kheer to their ancestors.

Influence of Pitridosha can be reduced by performing this remedy. After giving some Kheer to crows, virgin girls should consume it. Pitridosha can be reduced by performing this worship for one year. This worship helps in the progress of wealth, children and fortune.

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