It is believed, Spa treatments leads to a better, complete and satisfactory result when combined with other treatments and therapies. A massage would be more pampering and pleasing when followed by a body wrap and a Vichy shower session. Today, Spa therapy has evolved into becoming a combination of several Spa procedures that follow the natural way of well being.

Amatrra Spa at Hotel Ashok, New Delhi is a one of a kind Luxury Spa in Delhi. This spa has a vast menu of patent treatments based on 'Astroayurveda' (the science of astrology and ancient Ayurveda). The specialists here distribute treatments in a way and sequence that best suits your needs. Spa packages here comprise of Ayurveda Packages, Spa Packages, Salon and Beauty Packages.

At Amatrra Spa, Ayurveda is believed to be a science of life that gifts us ‘vibrant good health’ and covers every aspect of well being. Through its Ayurvedic packages Amatrra Spa aims to deliver complete health care and natural immunity of the human body. At Amatrra Spa experts have packaged ancient treatments exotically to suit the modern luxury lifestyle. The treatments are contrived for detoxification of entire body by removing toxins, improving blood circulation and strengthening nervous system. The treatment is carried out by way of massages and the medicated oils used consists 100 plus herbs, having different fragrance and unique curative effects.

Amatrra Spa is committed to provide qualified and professional staff, hygienic environment, pure and authentic medicinal preparations and promotes the real essence of Ayurveda by all the treatments that are carried out in a traditional way, which makes it better than any Delhi Spa.

Amatrra Spa offers and patents exclusive Body & Beauty treatments based on research and experience. The special experience that is Amatrra is one that can be best savoured by a sophisticated and well-travelled audience.The member profile at Amatrra, therefore, is a reflection of this careful targeting. All memberships at the Spa will be offered exclusively through invitation. The Spa facilities are targeted at a premium urban elite audience, a fact that is also intrinsic to the super-premium membership pricing structure. If you are one of the fortunate few who do receive an invitation to subscribe for membership, prepare to make a lifestyle statement that will truly and undeniably energise your life.

Other exclusive packages available at Amatrra Spa are Pre-Bridal Packagee, Amatrra Balance and Beauty, Pilates package, Vibro-Gym package, Yoga package and many more.

The beauty pavilion at Amatrra Spa is well equipped with highly sophisticated equipments and internationally acclaimed professionals. The exclusive beauty services include Facial, Foot Care, Eye Treatments, Hair Treatments, Scalp Treatments, Pre- Bridal and Bridal Treatments.

A visit to Amatrra Spa is not just investment for nourishing experience but also rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul.For more information please visit:

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