Amanda Blake lives in Danville, California and works as one of the Bay Area’s top service operations executives.

She’s built and led global call centers, worked in service and sales operations and developed sales and service infrastructure for existing businesses and startups. Her experience crosses many different industries spanning tech, pharmaceutical and public safety.

Throughout her career, she’s guided employees both local and global through all facets of change within small and large companies. Here are her top tips for motivating a team, increasing workplace productivity and maintaining job satisfaction:

“I help employees develop their resumes which strategically becomes the roadmap to their next job by identifying core strengths, highlighting accomplishments and promoting the things they feel a true passion for doing. When you feel passionate about what you’re doing, you’ll love it during the most difficult projects and tasks and it shows.” says Blake.

Blake teaches employees valuable skills that they can use not just in their current workplace, but wherever they go. She says it’s important to give people skills that make them more confident in their abilities, because when people know they’re learning and growing, they’re the most satisfied. Satisfied employees stay with companies longer and produce quality results. When they are the face of your company this matters. Satisfied employees have a positive effect on customers.

Blake says she also connects people within the workplace so they can form strong working relationships with the people around them. “I connect people to others by introducing them and encouraging a social connection,” says Blake.

Blake says she also offers company employees multiple perspectives, which is what anybody in a higher level of the corporate ladder should do. “People need mentors and I give them that,” says Blake. “They don’t just need to hear from me. They need to hear from different people with different perspectives at all levels so they can make the best decisions and think for themselves.

One of the greatest gifts to continually improve is the gift of feedback from mentors who are peers, executives or team global team members.”

To summarize, here are some of Amanda Blake’s top rules for motivating a team:
● Teach employees valuable, transferable skills
● Make employees more confident in their own abilities
● Help employees form relationships with each other and their managers
● Encourage productive conversations in the workplace
● Give employees mentors who can help and track their growth
● Offer employees multiple perspectives

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