I’ve been seeing this mentality lately. That certain objects, people, and places are ‘high vibe’. While I would agree that such as a thing exists, I want to clarify that it’s about a state of being in allowance.

An object is not high vibe just because it’s considered a luxury item-like a Mercedes, for instance. In fact, no object is inherently of a high vibration.

Equating things with operating in a high vibration is dangerous to our self-perception, and that of course, affects how we perceive the world. I’ve seen this turn into people judging themselves, feeling that they’ve fallen short, and internalizing this message as yet another area they've failed.

Unfortunately, I see this messaging has become very prevalent in the wealth consciousness/ money mindset arena. And it can, and does, result in the exact opposite of its intention.

The vibration of anything relates to the meaning we give it. If a person, an object, or a place gives us a good feeling we say it’s of a high vibration. But what we’re really doing is attaching a good meaning to those things, thus they give us a good feeling.

So are you experiencing problems because you’re not high vibe? Maybe.

A high vibration is the result of operating in, and being in a state of allowance. One where we allow love, peace, joy, generosity, compassion to flow through us…..if you’re not doing that, then yes, you probably are experiencing problems because you’re not high vibe.

Rather, a high vibration is really about being a clear conduit for energy. So in essence, the less resistance you have in your being, the higher your vibration is. When we resist the flow of any energy, in this instance an emotion like happiness or anger, we create a resistance in our being. Or as many call it-a block. These blocks are very real, and can cause many issues for us if we continue to allow them to fester in our being.

Resistance, or blocks, can disrupt the flow of energy in our chakras and our bodies-physical, mental, and emotional. When energy is not allowed to flow it can, and does, then cause issues in the areas of our life that are ‘controlled’ by the associated chakra or body where the resistance exists.

The remedy for this is to identify the resistance. Perhaps, you’re not making as much money as you would like to. This area of life is most often associated with the lower chakras, but can also be a result of mental and emotional blocks. So if you are experiencing a lack of money, you would want to look at these areas and release any resistance you’re experiencing in them. You can do so by doing some energy work, like reiki, or by using alternative therapy, like hypnotherapy or NLP.

The thing is that we all flow in and out of high + low vibration. We’re human. We’ll have moments when we act from Ego, react in fear, and make jerks out of ourselves. It’s okay,really.

If you feel that you’ve failed, and aren’t doing it right…don’t worry. You can’t.

Your spiritual journey is exactly that-yours. And no one has the right to tell you how to do it.

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M. Juliana is an Intuitive Manifesting Expert and Alternative Therapist. She’s the host + founder of The Everyday Intuition™ Show which teaches women rock’n conscious living how to access their intuition and master their mindset to manifest more meaning, money + mad joy. M. has a private practice offering Intuitive Intelligence Training via workshops and programs, and serves an international clientele, including female entrepreneurs, corporate clients, and celebrities. You can visit her digital casa and snag a free gift- The Meet Your Inner Guru Program @ http://mjuliana.com/free-prezzie