Are you forgetting many things? Your boss told about something an hour before, and still you fail to remember it. Then please note that this may be a serious condition, up course for both, your job and also for your health. There are chances that you might be suffering with the Alzheimer’s disease. It may be really the problem of concern, if you simply neglect it. Nearly 15% people worldwide suffer with this disease. The worst thing about Alzheimer’s is many people are unaware of the fact that they are suffering with this disease. Remember that once this disease gets severe you will not be able to remember anything. You will even forget your name. So, before this stage comes, please try to overcome this disease. It is really difficult, but with the proper treatment you would be able to overcome Alzheimer’s disease.

It is central nervous system disease that affects primarily the memory storing area of the brain. Nothing gets stored in the memory that is why you feel that you are forgetting everything. At primary stage the person gets the attack of the Alzheimer’s disease, during this phase you feel like you have forgotten everything. The feeling is just like you get completely blank for some time and then again you come to normal. Later on the stage starts getting worst as you get the attack of Alzheimer’s more often. You will not recognize anything. Some patients are even noted to forget to eat. They just become like a motionless air, nothing they can do until they remember or somebody else tells them, who they are and what they want to do?

Alois Alzheimer in 1906, described this often forgetting disease in his research paper. He was German by origin and psychiatrist by profession. Later on this disease was named after his name as Alzheimer’s disease so nobody forgets him for searching this disease of forgetting people. This disease is most common form of dementia. Scientifically it is explained that Alzheimer’s disease is caused by the reduced synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This synthesis is generally reduced as we age. So, aging is noted to be major reason behind the occurrence of the Alzheimer’s disease. In majority of cases this disease is being noted to be occurring in people above age of 60, but nowadays even some young people are noted to be suffering with it.

Memory loss is the first symptom of Alzheimer’s disease, which is followed by confusion, mood swings within short span of time, feeling sad, getting angry without any reason, loss of confidence, and communication problems. The occurrence of the Alzheimer’s disease is being noted to be hereditary in some cases. But, it has been noted in only 5% of cases. It is every sad to know that after 100 years discovery of Alzheimer’s disease, we still don’t have any permanent solution for it. It is still very hard to treat the patient of this disease.

The best way to help the person with Alzheimer’s disease is to make him comfortable and make him to remember the things he or she is forgetting. Support of the family certainly plays a significant role in the treatment of the Alzheimer’s disease. There are some medicines that help to slow down the process of Alzheimer’s disease. You need to consult the doctor to know about those medications. These medicines are very helpful for those who are in initial stage of this disease. Special care and handling is needed for the patients of the Alzheimer’s disease. So, we strongly recommend to the readers to consult the doctor and tell your family members today if you are facing any such problems.

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