Alzheimer’s care for aging adults can be a scary time for both the patient and the family.


Orange County at home Care states that there are two classes of medication that can be used to help care for aging adults with Alzheimer’s. The first class of medication is Cholinesterase inhibitors. The most common of these drugs are Aricept, Razadype and Exelon. The second type of drug is Memantine, sometimes known as Namenda. Both medications helps the cells communicate in the patient’s brain better.


There are several things that can be done in the patient’s home to slow the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The first of them is to remove all excess clutter. Orange County Home Care states that scientists have found that patients with Alzheimer’s do better when their environment is highly organized. The patient with Alzheimer’s disease may also need safety rails installed on stairs and in the bathroom. Alzheimer’s patients are known to fall often. Therefore, it is important that their shoes have great traction. Researchers have also found that mirrors confuse Alzheimer’s patients. Removing them helps the person feel more secure and less confused.


Orange County stroke Care understands that exercise is very important in Alzheimer’s care for aging adults. New research is suggesting that one of the best forms of exercise comes from Wii games. These games praise adults for doing better than they did previously. Wii games are also a great way for the aging adult with Alzheimer to interact with their friends and grandchildren.


Alzheimer’s care for aging adults needs to have a nutrition component. It is important that the patient eats and drinks nutritious mean every day. Orange County Parkinson’s stresses that one needs to make sure the patient is drinking enough to stay hydrated. A diet high in fruits and vegetables has proven the best for caring for an adult with Alzheimer’s disease.

Alternative Medicine

Vitamin E may help delay the ability to carry out daily living activities. However, other studies have found that high doses of Vitamin E have led to earlier death.

Orange County In-Home Care understands that Alzheimer’s care for aging adults can be very time consuming. That is why asking for a little help can go a long way in providing you with respite.

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