Those old days when most smokers used bleached rolling papers for their favourite pass-time is over! Now owing to modern technology and people being more informed about certain matters, the quality of rolling papers has taken an impressive jump.

In the market; one will find an impressive collection of natural hemp/wood or rice unbleached roll papers easily accessible. These papers don’t come with the unpalatable blend of bleach, wood and all the other stuff which is added to make a really thick ciggy. These 100% unbleached roll papers are dedicated to all-pure organic papers minus the chemicals and filters.

The Potential Dangers Of Unnatural or Bleached Roll Papers!

Whenever something is burned, it also creates something in return. When cannabis is burned, carcinogens are created (also known as tar). This is deadly for the lungs.

Plus, when this hazard is combined with the rest of the other chemicals resulting from burning the paper (mainly calcium carbonate and chlorine), the potential dangers are intensified more.

“Using All Natural Rolling Papers Can Make All The Difference.”

More than the packaging and branding, the real deal which differentiates between roll papers are the material used to make them. Primarily the most favoured ones include:

Rice Roll Paper: Rice roll papers are the thinnest in composition, and on using it tends to leave behind a distinctive after-taste. Quality rice papers also have a slow burn rate. This bodes well for all types of smokers who love to prologue their favourite pass time for as long as possible.

However, on its flip side; one may come across a few brands not sticking to the total organic mantra. There are some who add flax and other unwanted additives in its making. One good way to know all about the making materials is checking at the back of the wrapper. If doubts still exist; one can always visit the company’s website and gather every iota of information they seek.

Wood Pulp Roll Paper: These papers are very easy to roll and, this works well for someone just learning about how to roll their custom cigarette or joint. Wood pulp papers have a medium to fast burn rate and that allows the cigarette or joint to stay lit for longer.

However, the dicey thing here is that not all wood pump is made using 100% material addition. Some brands alter the all-natural composition by adding other making materials like flax. Some even add bleach to present the roll paper a white appearance. Be wary of it when buying and only opt for ones made with natural wood pulp.

The good news is that one may also find a rich collection of brown or translucent rolling papers to purchase. Those are worth trying out!

Hemp Roll Paper: Hemp roll paper perhaps combines the benefits of both the aforementioned roll paper types. They are manufactured with 100% natural hemp fibre. The best part of this type of roll paper is that one can get them unbleached on most occasions.

In terms of thickness, they are not as thin as rice paper. They consist of some textures that allow users to roll it easily. Furthermore, 100% hemp rolling paper is also devoid of any aftertaste like rice or wood pulp.

Some brands are known to add a mildly sweet and musky taste which surprisingly is appreciated by numerous smokers. Hemp also burns slowly, and interestingly stays lit better than rice papers!

Capping Off!

Truth be told, there is no such thing as the best rolling paper for avid smokers to use. And more importantly, there is no magic trick to reduce the harmful effects of smoking or puffing. Still one must take whatever precautionary measures possible to avert the hazards and ensure that their smoking experience is an enjoyable one!

Opting for all-natural rolling papers can make this happen. That’s why without further procrastination, contact a reliable supplier and order for organic roll papers (best case scenario will be opting for the aforementioned options).

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