Alux is the App that grows organically because people have personal transformative experiences with its help. ALUX is here to support self growth goals with actionable coaching and daily lessons for the different pillars of our lives!

ALUX is the performance enhancing app for the high achievers, the digital gurus, the future billionaires that are focusing on their goals and creating their own rules and limits. 


ALUX is one of the largest communities of self-development & fine living enthusiasts in the world! This is for the digital generations, the nomads and rules breakers that always establish their own goals. Over 4.3 millions of people are daily on ALUX app & their YouTube channel to get their daily wisdom! WHY? Because ALUX is already a worldwide recognized AUTHORITY when it comes to self-development with the support of high class coaches and experts.

2022 was declared the year of self development, but actually everyone needed a little bit of help! ALUX was there for the HIGH ACHIEVERS! The tech & media platform designed to elevate the self-development experience has created an educational hub on a mission to change the lives of 1 billion people. 

The ALUX app has brought real personal coaches and experts that are mixing multiple sources of knowledge together with their personal experience and unique interpretations on what is the best way to apply wisdom principles and use it daily for a better life. The community of millions of people passionate about personal development and a successful life, come to enjoy quality content especially produced for them! The digital generation decided to use the actionable coaching and education APP for their benefit and use it step-by-step on their own journey.

The Alux platform is for the HIGH ACHIEVERS, for the ones who want to be their own bosses, educate themselves in what they are passionate about, and make the money they want without renouncing their way of living. They want it all by self educating themselves and focusing on the main goals in their lives. Anyone can reach their goals, develop themselves and achieve their full life potential. ALUX IS A CURATOR OF KNOWLEDGE that does not simply handpick the information, instead it BREAKS IT down for the digital generation to understand how to apply it. Mentor, teacher, coach, all in your pocket, all anybody has to do is just use the curated data in their favour.

Usually, there are many aspects of life that people might want to improve on, and although they can be in different areas, the path to get there is very similar. ALUX is helping them find their way, the transformative by nature experience helps them to build their own plan for self-development. ALUX is there, sharing knowingness, and tips to help them on their path for the goals they have in life.

THIS APP IS FOR EVERY DIGITAL AND SELF-IMPROVEMENT OBSESSED! If you want to improve your life and better yourself, THIS IS IT! ALUX is the one you are looking for! They believe in tracking and improving what ALUX calls the 5 pillars of life: 

✅ Finance

✅ Relationships

✅ Health

✅ Emotions

✅ Intellect

So if THIS IS FOR YOU, you just download the app, put on the headphones for 10-15 minutes each morning and you’re READY TO CONQUER THE WORLD! If you want to change your life, you need to have DISCIPLINE and the HELP is in the APP. ALUX is THERE FOR YOU, the experts go through all the available materials and give you just what you need to put into practice.

The app is measuring its success based on the impact they have in other people’s lives. They want to reach that billion people and make their lives better! Moreover, they are donating a portion of all their revenue to building schools across the world. It’s all documented on YouTube.

So, if you want to self-grow and GET RICH FIRST, ALUX APP is the first thing you have to download TODAY! 

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