Aluminum belongs to the boron group and is of white-silvery, soft, malleable metal with non-magnetic properties. About 8% of the earth’s crust is filled with Aluminium. This metal is generally with low density and is rust free; hence, the usage of Aluminium is abundantly used across the world. Aluminum Foils in UAE is one of the leading manufacturers in the world and is top in imports and exports, trading, industrial use, construction, and many more.

Aluminum, with the ductility property, can be used and manufactured in various forms and different industries: aluminum vessels, containers, and foils in the food sector.

As Aluminium is recyclable metal, it is eco-friendly. Hence, the usage of this metal is harmless to the ecosystem. The usage of the metals available on the earth has both advantages and disadvantages. One should know them and start using them.

What is Aluminium Foil?

Aluminum metal is melted at high degrees and is prepared as thin leaves of metal with a thickness of 0.2 mm to 6 micrometers. Generally, the Aluminium Foils used in the household routines are of 0.016mm thickness.

Consumers of Aluminium Foils

Aluminum foils are used widely across the world. The usage of the foils in some countries are mentioned below

● The Aluminum Foil (UAE) & Africa – 7%
● Asia – 32%
● Europe – 25%
● Latin America – 12%
● North America – 19%

The consumers of Aluminium foil Dubai are mainly in the packing industries of Food, Pharmaceutical and cigarettes, and Alcohol.

Aluminium Foil UAE usage

Aluminum Foil in the UAE market is generally used for packaging food and pharmaceuticals. Due to the various properties of Aluminium, it can be used as aluminum foils, aluminum vessels, and aluminum foil containers. Rapid industrialization has given the boost in the aluminum foil industry in UAE and Dubai.

Is the Aluminium Foil Dangerous in Cooking?

According to the Laws of Physics, Aluminium used in the cooking fields like foils and containers will transfer their particles when they get in contact with the food items prepared in it. But these transformations of the particles will not risk your health and affect your health.

The foil is coated with Al2O3 that will protect the food packed in the foil from getting oxidized. However, food with acidic like lemon or any citrus fruits and vegetables wrapped in it will get the foil oxidized and spoil the taste of the food.

Uses of Aluminium Foil UAE

● Boil Eggs causing no cracks – Wrap the egg with a foil and start boiling
● Cooling the beverages faster in no time – Wrap the container with the foil and freeze it for a few minutes.
● Enamel the silver jewelry – Add the Silver items to the box with boiling water, baking soda, and salt. Leave for an hour, and the thing gets polished.
● Place the foil on top of the cloth and get iron.

As said, usage of aluminum foils UAE are not only restricted for cooking but also other households. Aluminum foil UAE and Dubai is the fastest growing industry with lots of business and employment opportunities.

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