Altmark, is a scenic place in the beautiful land locked state Saxony-Anhalt. Situated on west of river Elbe, it places attracts tourists from across Germany and even from other countries of the European continent. It is where you can meet nature and see all that nature has to offer. This place has lush green grounds and you would find greenery wherever you see. There are no high-rise buildings to obstruct your views. Also there is no traffic, crowd or congestion. If you are looking for busy marketplaces, shopping malls and other man made attractions then you would have to visit the twin cities of Hamburg and Magdeburg that are situated close to this scenic place.

If you are looking for health vacations then consider visiting Altmark as this is the place where you can breathe fresh air and soak sun rays. The open space this place has to offer would let you feel free in true sense. Here you can walk up to miles without any apprehension. Miles of walking and biking path is constructed for health conscious vacationers. The woods in this place attract vacationers for hiking. Reindeer trekking on the high altitude could also be a pastime activity.

People looking for thrilling vacations can try paragliding and horse riding during their stay at Altmark. If you are passionate about water sports then you would love being close to river Elbe that flows throughout the year. This freshwater river is just perfect for swimming, boating, fishing and canoeing. When staying at this historic place, you would have no dearth of physical activities. You need to come prepared for active vacations. For instance you need take your hiking kit, walking boots, swimming costume and other accessories so that you can take advantage of the outdoor activities available in the area.

Reaching Altmark is not a problem as this place is well connected with air and road links. Since it is close to bustling Hamburg and Magdeburg, you could expect connectivity from these cities. And these cities are connected with the rest of the Germany and other European nations. You can reach Hamburg by air and from Hamburg; you can take taxi to reach this historic place. If you are worried about accommodation in this place then shed all your worries as this historic place has many hotels, resorts and budget accommodations that you can book for your vacations. Visiting this place would be a unique experience for you.

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