Altmark is a nice holiday destination for health conscious folks as it has acres of green lawns, woods, hills and freshwater rivers. This is the place where you can soak sunshine and breathe fresh air. It is where you can meet nature and see plenty of flora and fauna in its natural habitat. If you are nature lover then you will love to stay here. If you want to lose some weight during vacations then you should visit this place and do lots of physical activity like walking, hiking and biking during vacations. This is a perfect vacation destination for vacationers of all ages.

Altmark is a historic region in Germany. It is situated on the western bank of the Elbe River. Physically it lies between the cities of Hamburg and Magdeburg. It is a land-locked state that comprises northern-third of Saxony-Anhalt. You can reach this place by road from Hamburg that is the largest city in Germany. Hamburg is connected to the rest of the world with airways. You can reach Hamburg by air and take private taxi or public transport to this historic region that is close to Hamburg. In short, you won’t find any hassle in reaching this place.

Altmark has no dearth of accommodations but it is not a crowded place. Ideally you should book an accommodation prior to reaching this place to avoid inconvenience. This region has luxury hotels where you will find all the facilities and amenities required for an entertaining vacation. You can choose to stay at your accommodation and savor the peace and tranquility the region is known for. You can see mesmerizing sunrise and breathtaking sunsets from your hotel room. This kind of view is impossibility in a cosmopolitan city with sky high buildings, over bridges and traffic congestion. Vacationing in this region is really a luxury for big city dwellers.

Outdoor activities available in Altmark include biking, reindeer trekking, paragliding, horse riding, and fishing, boating and swimming. You can go for hiking or rest on the green grass and gaze at the blue sky. Since there is no traffic, you won’t find any difficulty in walking and biking. This is a nice place for families with kids as children will be delighted to see acres of green lawns and green grass. They will feel as if they were in a large park where there is no gardener to stop them from running or playing on the grass.

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