Are you trying to make money online? How is it working out? One of the most common methods of making money online is through the use of affiliate programs. However, most people participate in affiliate programs that are offered by the largest affiliate companies. In fact, about 90% of affiliate marketers deal exclusively with the three largest affiliate companies.

Some of the products that are offered by these large companies boast of having several thousand affiliates promoting a single product. While that does indicate that there is a lot of interest for the product, it makes it difficult for the little guy to compete, especially if he is just starting out. So as you can see, the competition for some of these products offered by the large affiliate companies is fierce.

As an alternative, perhaps you should consider promoting products that are offered through some of the smaller affiliate companies. These companies frequently offer products that are not carried elsewhere. This means that you will encounter less competition. However, it also means that you will have to promote the product more heavily, as it may not be as well known.

A great listing for some of the smaller affiliate companies can be found at affiliateseeking dot com. This site is a great source of information for affiliates. They offer categories for Affiliate Networks, 2 Tier Programs, Pay Per Lead programs, and Multi Tier programs along with a number of others.

This is an excellent affiliate resource site. If you haven’t been doing quite as well as you expected with affiliate products, check them out. Better yet, why don’t you use products from both sources. Continue promoting your existing large company affiliate products and add in a few from these alternative sources. That way, you can determine which category performs best for you.

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