Every parents want to see a bright future for his children. So they do all the things which is useful for their education because children become a success & perfect person by education. But this is not enough because there are lot of competition for children. So we have to alternative learning for their education then our childern can learn faster & get a higher study.
Now days study becomes very competitive and it is not enough to just drop your child at school and expect a great result from him, that’s why you should need to a alternative learning source for the child.There are many websites and product who is leading source of alternative learning product & information for kids every age which is useful their study and development. In which a site alternative learning is a best option for a parents who is a lot of expectations for their child. So there is a very use full website which is provide a great alternative learning materials.ilearnfaster.com is a website which is doing this from the amazing ways.they made it their passion to provide you with the very best tools & information you need to naturally unlock your child's full potential to learn faster and much earlier than you thought possible & materials are a lot of fun to use.
What is they are providing
There are multiple product and information that is researched by Glenn Domen, Dr. Makoto Shichida, Dr. Maria Montessori, Colin Rose and other child developmental and alternative educational experts. There are a lot of alternative learning material and product that made your kid cognitive development like that early reading and writing, rapid math, instant memory, musical genius, multiple foreign language acquisition, encyclopedic knowledge, and a lot more. There are tips to improve and grow the children’s brain more effectively. For example :-
1. For my children of any age: Does this product use music with a syncopated beat like rock & roll or does it use classical-style music?
If the answer is rock music, stay away from it, especially with young children.
Research shows most rock music can actually rewire the brain toward more violent, destructive thoughts and behaviors.
Music such as Baroque have the same beats per minute as the Alpha brain wave state, which is the most receptive alert state of mind we can be in - and is ideal for learning. It's in harmony with the natural rhythm of the human body.
Look for learning products that contain no music or use classical music in the background that's not too loud to become a distraction.
2. Perfect memory what is perfect memory? Our parcel mentality's body faculty susceptibility stores all we see finished our squad senses including inspirations from additional sources. Stiff connections between our faction and leftmost mentality functions enable hit this monumental deposit then bring genius-like ideas, inventions and applied solutions into the mankind. This right/left commercialism in the wit is the way we receive perfect store.
Here's an example: Remember The Minority Report with Tom Cruise? In the movie, three children with the gift of premonition (a "subconscious" right brain function), projected images of the future into a screen. Cruise, using his advanced left brain "conscious" abilities, was able to organize those images into a logical sequence of events. This right/left brain subconscious/conscious interchange led to the location and arrest of a future perpetrator in a crime.

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