Dr. Oz shared with the public this January, a show on the techniques for alternative healing which included Reiki and alternate nostril breathing, sanskrit Anuloma Viloma.

Alternate nostril breathing is for balancing the left and right sides of the brain. The left side of the brain is for logical thinking and the right side is for creativity.

The optimum benefit of creativity is enhanced and the left side is improved with logical thinking by alternate nostril breathing. It is not the only breathing technique used in yoga for this type of benefit.

There is a yogic position for applying this technique called the Vishnu Mudra. You can sit on the floor or a chair if that is more comfortable. You use your right hand, the thumb, the ring and little finger http://www.abc-of-yoga.com/pranayama/basic/viloma.asp. You place your left hand, palm up on your lap or knee.

1. There is a breathing rhythm or ratio that is used which is 2:8:4.
2. Do the inhale to the count of 4 by holding the right nostril closed with the right thumb.
3. Hold the breath closing both nostrils (the ring and little finger closes the left nostril). Hold the breath for 16 counts.
4. Exhale by removing the thumb from right nostril and count to 8 as you exhale.
5. Repeat by breathing through right nostril, same procedure.

You may keep this round of breathing for as long as you like but to start with, try three (3) rounds.

The benefits of Anuloma Viloma lead to a calmer mind, a happier disposition and more clarity, more oxygen to the brain cells which benefits the entire body and more logical thinking. You give yourself more power when you allow yourself to know that you are taking control of your life, your well-being, your health http://www.home.comcast.net/-bgajjar/index.html.

"Breathing is the bridge between the mind and body therefore Pranyama with the help of the mind reduces bodily stress. This technique slows the pulse by teaching the heart to take more oxygen in a shorter time." - Professor Yogi Bharat Gajjar, http://www.home.comcast.net/-bgajjar/index.html. This technique helps control anger also.

Dr. Oz is one of the many on our planet helping the world become aware that they have permission to change their lives through making wiser choices, and allowing changes for the better, in their experiences and for their families.

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