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Originally writ for Soul’s Code Website in their “Peak Experiences” department titled,
“The Bearable Lightness of BEing Roni Lipstein”

A little while ago Paul Kaihla, Founder and CEO of Soul’s Code, a fantabulous community of LOVE’s Light, asked if I would honour him with a “Peak Experience” piece, from one whom “walks the talk”.
Talk about a Peak Experience moment of happiness ?
So what is a “Peak Experience” anyways?
According to Paul, “Peak Experiences are life-changing moments that become a spiritual touchstone in one’s life.”
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, Spiritual touchstones in my life……WOW…..I think I can write a book!
Oh ya, I did….hee hee
In TRUTH, we ALL could…….Life itSELF, is a series of experiences expanding our consciousness, the only difference between one whom “walks the talk” and one whom DOes NOT even talk at all, is whether we CHOOSE to BE aware of this FACT, of our expressed experience of BEing.
Peak Experiences in my life developed in a manner similar to that of giving birth, and WHOA did I run the FULL gamet on the PEAK Experiences afforded therein!!
First YOUr water breaks, followed rather quickly by the INITIAL labour pains….often times quite similar~metaphorically~ to that encountered when one is first delving into a “Peak Experience”.

I can remember sitting at the kitchen table in my family’s home, I must have BEen about 10, Dad was at work, Mom was busy with the pots and pans, and my brother, sister and I were sitting and eating dinner together. There was nothing unusual about the evening, the dinner, or the overall experience until………suddenly……I was there, with my family and yet, NOT.
I went from eating my dinner, an active participant in our routine family dynamics to sinking back behind a veil of, for lack of a better description, an unseen, invisible, yet very present and dense energy field.
Everything outside of the field, which would BE my family and the environment around me, was moving very quickly, as though on a fast forward speed dial, yet the speech of my family was seemingly on the “slow motion” position. I couldn’t really make out what they were saying and yet, I could.
Total Weirdness!
And that wasn’t ALL……
In addition to the imbalance in my sensory input, seeing everything moving really quickly, hearing everything really slowly, I felt as though I had BEen transported out of their dimensional reality. I found mySELF in my own perceptually veiled, slow moving movie, present yet detached & objective. At the same time I was aware of my physical body, which seemed to be running like a race horse!! My heart rate was beating a mile a minute, my breathing was fast and loud and my eyes seemed to be flickering back and forth upon the scene in front of me like a ping pong ball in a high energy game match, and yet………ALL this within slow motion.
Talk about polarity duality!

Motion Distortion
It was as AWEsome as it was terrifying, just like the initial pangs of labourthat come as soon as YOU realize, YOUr water {the amniotic sac holding YOUr unborn baby within YOUr womb} has broken.
I’m not sure how long my experience lasted, however, I DO KNOW that I was very afraid that I would stay where I was, and where I was, felt, though right where I had BEen only moments earlier, miles and miles away.
I think after the initial seduction offered by the adventure of my newly discovered perceptual reality, I scared mySELF right out of it, and yet, to this day, this remains one of the most profound moments of my life. It was the FIRST TIME {though most certainly not the last} I CONSCIOUSLY/objectively experienced life from an altered perceptual reality.

Flip of the Mind Switch
Talk about a “Peak Experience”, to KNOW that one’s life can TOTALLY, Drastically, WHOLLY and COMPLETEly change on the flip of a “Mind Switch”, or the breaking of one’s amniotic sac.
Once I entered into labour, my body and son preparing for his birth, it was not too very long BEfore the pain overtook and I was within the clutches of “Transition”. {there are stages to labour, the last one, right BEfore the baby is ready to BE born is called “transition”~ when we customarily hear the doctors on t.v. say “NOW, PUSH!!!”}.
Scary and exhilarating as my initial peak experience into conscious awareness was, it was brief. Sometimes, it takes a little more experiencing of something BEfore we are ready to embrace the GIFT of a Peak Experience, sometimes, it can take a LOT more experiencing of something.
After more than a decade flip flopping in and out of an abusive relationship,DOing ALL I could to BE the “BEST I in ME” I THOUGHT I could BE, I BElieved I was BEing, one night sitting in a bath tub, I realized what BEing the “BEST I in ME” really means.

Drowning in Illusion
A psychology graduate and seasoned independent scholar, by this time, in the esoteric arts and sciences of mind and consciousness, I was FULLy well aware of the “Abused Wife Syndrome”.
Still, it took more than a decade for me, enduring countless transitionary labour pains BEfore I was ready to let go of the guilt and fear of NOT BEing the Best I in ME. Ya see, ALL those years I endured that which I did, I did so under the notion that if I was “ALL that I BElieved mySELF to BE” I would BE able to “rise above”the abuse, stay true to SELF and triumph, a heightened BEing of enlightenment, whilst providing the lifeline to another soul, desperately drowning in the darkness of their own creation. What I did NOT realize was that in staying in the abusive relationship itSELF, I was NOT rising above or providing a lifeline, but, BEing dragged under, drowned, and thus, losing my own life line. I was NOT BEing TRUE to

SELF sacrifice is NOT transcending
SELF, for I was saying that, “this”~ learning, growing and expanding of my conscious awareness, this CHOSEn experience of life, within an abusive relationship and environment, is what I deserved and more over, that someone else’s mental state of health and physical well BEing was more important than my own.
It was not until I was sitting in the bath tub, after yet another explosive event, that I found mySELF cradling my own face.
I AM offering my SELF comfort???!!!!
And surrendering to it in complete WHOLEness of my BEing, KNOWing I DESERVE to BE LOVEd by ME, that NO ONE else is more worthy and deserving of my LOVE than FIRST and FOREMOST, ME.
LOVE SELF First!!!
Whew, talk about an excruciatingly painFull emotional experience~ kinda like the physical agony I experienced during my “labour transition” leading to the unBElievable exhale of BIRTH………Ahhhhhhhhhhhh the relief and release from torturous pain, like rising from the depths of the ocean to inhale YOUr first gust of breath, into an emotional orgasmic ecstasy like no other!!!
~ Birth ~ Life ~ Breathing ~ Living ~ Eyes Seeing ~ Ears Hearing ~BEing ~
~ CHOOSing to BE ~ Paying Attention ~ BEing Aware ~
~ BEing MindFull of Mind ~ CHOOSing to live in Conscious Awareness ~
~ “Walking the Talk”~
………and suddenly we find ourSELVes living in the conscious awareness that we are in TRUTH, experiencing “Peak Spiritual Touchstones” every moment of every day, in every way of our lives, we are ALIVE.

My Greatest Universal Blessing ~ Infinite Peak Experiences
Blessedly BE
Earth Angels Divine
ONE Universal Family,
within the Embracing Light of
PeaceFull LOVing Serenity &
One Fantabulous, Amazing, Adventurous, Party’n Journey
Radiate Soul Light
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein/roni

Author's Bio: 

“Visionary Artiste of LOVE,
WHOLE-istic enLIGHTenment GuideLIGHT
Wisdom & Wellness Life Coach
Ontological Literary Artist & Philosopher
of /for/though the BEINGness of
LOVE's Light
for the
BEnefit of ALL.

Roni has been Gifted the Personal Legend of BEing the reflection of radiating LOVE's Light that IS each of WE.
She exists here upon our Earth School to uplift, assist and enLIGHTEn ALL to the Miraculous Magnificence of our BEautiFull BEingness.

“I am here, upon our Earth School, to vibrate harmonies of LOVE's Light, equality, peace, unity, positivity, and the TRUTH of WE. I provide a gentle guiding light along YOUr Pathway to Discover SELF TRUE, LOVE SELF and thus BE, the Best “I” in “ME” YOU LOVE YOUr SELF to BE, in Every NOW, ALLways!

Blessedly BE the TRUTH of WE
Earth Angels Divine
within the Embracing Light of PeaceFull LOVing Serenity, &
one Fantabulous, Amazing, Adventurous, Party'in Journey