It's that time of year again when you choose a place for your HOLIDAYS IN SPAIN. This year why not pick a place filled with contradictions just to make it interesting? The province of Alicante is just such a place. Here, you will find places where the English have set up their second home and inland are little villages full of Spanish people who are preserving the true Spanish culture, customs and lifestyle we all love. You can say that Alicante is a province of diversity while possessing an intrinsic beauty.

Although the city of Alicante is the main town in the province, there are a number of other interesting coastal cities you can visit. Counted among these cities is the village of Altea that attracts people all year long. One of the reasons for its attraction is its likeness to a “Hippy Camp”. This is due to its attraction of artist and musicians that come here to join the international communes. All this has made Altea a big cultural centre for the various artists. Only some of the artists that come here actually choose to live here as most only stay long enough to attend the communes.

Even with this intrusion Altea has managed to retain its original Mediterranean charm. There are some new, modern facilities but they seem to blend in with the old facilities quite nicely. Even with this mixture of modern and new Altea has been able to maintain its attractiveness that has been part of this city for time immemorial. One of the biggest tourist destinations on the coast is Benidorm further down the road.

A great place to watch the horizon reclaim the sun is the seaside promenade. You can go for a long, relaxing walk and watch the waves gently kiss the sandy shore. Altea is situated on the side of a hill very much in the Moorish tradition. This is quite obvious when you view the village from a distance. The village is comprised of narrow winding streets lined with whitewashed houses leading to the towns square. On top of the hill that overshadows the village is an ancient church that is worth exploring. Besides the church, there is a plaza up there filled with restaurants, bars and a few shops. The amazing panoramic views from the top are worth the journey to the top alone.

Most people take their HOLIDAYS IN SPAIN for three reasons: sun, sea and sand, which Altea has in abundance. Its beaches with a mixture of sand and pebbles are nothing short of magnificent. There is an excellent little amusement park located here just waiting for the children to come and enjoy. If you have come here for the water sports, you couldn't have chosen a better location as there is a plethora of sports available for you to participate in. Just to mention a few there is diving, sailing and surfing and the scuba divers will have a field day with all the underwater caves in the bay of Altea which offers a great challenge even to the expert.

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