Aloe benefits. What are the benefits of aloe vera & why did Gandhi drink it during his fasts?

Aloe benefits. What are the benefits of aloe vera? Why did Gandhi drink it during his fasts, and why did Alexander the Great use it for his soldiers wounds? I’ll tell you all about aloe benefits here. (I’ve been using aloe vera for over 15 years).
Firstly did you know that inside an aloe leaf there is a thick, clear gel, and it is this substance which contains all the benefits that we and the animal kingdom can gain from?

The aloe gel naturally contains:
• 19 of the 20 amino acids needed by the human body.
• A large range of vitamins, including: Vitamin C, Vitamin A, B-group vitamins and even trace elements of B12.
• Minerals, including: Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Iron, Chromium, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper and Zinc.
• Anti-inflammatory and pain killing substances.

What does aloe vera actually do for us?
Well, aloe benefits 2 key areas. The skin, both inside and outside the body (don’t forget, our intestines, lungs and so on are lined with skin) and the immune system.
So, it may therefore help the digestive tract, viruses like the common cold and even more nasty viruses, and external skin imbalances. Here’s some more information about how it helps these;
1. The digestive tract. Aloe has a very beneficial effect on bowel function. Also because it gradually cleans away the waste matter which can clog up our intestines, our digestive tract can then better absorb all the nutrients we take in. If we are all clogged up, how can we absorb the goodness from our food?
Aloe also balances the bacteria in our gut, which is good news for anyone who suffers the effects of too much yeast in the gut.
2. Viruses. There is a long chain of polysaccharide within the layer of the aloe leaf that surrounds the aloe gel, and it is this which helps us fight viruses.
3. Skin imbalances. Aloe works at a deep level as it absorbs right through to the epidermis. It is here that the skin cells are produced that will reach the surface of our skin in around 21-28 days time. Aloe feeds these cells, ensuring that the cells that reach the surface are healthy.

Alexander the Great recognized aloe benefits for the skin. He found that aloe gelly applied topically helped speed up the healing of his soldier’s wounds in battle – so he would have wagons filled with aloe plants towed into battle! Gandhi clearly realized the nutritional benefits of aloe as he drank it when enduring his fasts. And Cleopatra attributed her beauty to aloe applied to her skin.

Until relatively recently, it was only people who lived in the hot, dry climates where aloe grows who were able to benefit from aloe vera gel. Now, we can all benefit, as aloe is available in the form of drinks, topical gelly, soaps, shampoo and much more.

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