I was at my regular Friday morning yoga class recently and had a flash of inspiration about applying practices from yoga into business. I’ve been taking yoga classes for many, many years – long before it was as popular as it is today. I’m a certified yoga teacher and have taught yoga for several years. I’m also a certified business coach and professional accountant. So I thought – what better than to mix the concepts of yoga and business together?

In yoga, we bring our attention and awareness to what already exists, but may be just outside of our awareness right now. For example, as a yoga teacher I used phrases like, “bring your attention to your breath” or “relax into the flow of your out breath” or “find your straight spine”.

It got me thinking about how these concepts from yoga philosophy could translate into business. I love taking ideas from one discipline and applying them to another. If we used our attention in a different way in our business to focus on what’s already there waiting for us to notice, rather than trying to force what’s no longer working, we would get a different result.

For example, you could apply these statements to your business and:

• breathe into your wealth and prosperity
• connect with existing channels of abundance in alignment with your soul's purpose
• relax into the real, deep connection and flow with yourself and your clients
• bring your attention to the continual flow of abundance that is always coming your way, rather than looking at what’s lacking
• align with the perfect, abundant business model that already exists as a structure for you and the new direction your business is going

Thinking this way implies that these things already exist for you...the flow, abundance and deep connection with yourself and your clients, and the perfect, simple, abundant business model. All you have to do is to notice, and then allow them in.

Stop looking at what’s missing in your business, and start looking for what already exists for you. Stop trying to force what’s no longer working in your sales and marketing and notice the doors that are now opening for you to step into.

Abundance can be easy. Just breathe into your wealth and prosperity – what could be simpler than that? Let go of struggle and allow more abundance, flow and connection into your business.

Author's Bio: 

Jan Marie Dore teaches women entrepreneurs and professionals marketing and sales strategies to attract more clients, grow their business, and create profitable new income streams so they can make more money in less time. You can access her free marketing and sales tips and resources at http://www.femalepreneurs.com