One minute you have a fun and natural gardening is a snap surprised to find yourself sneezing and you feel that your eyes turn all scratchy and watery. , What happened to the immune system kicked into action in response to the onslaught of allergens. This is when you need allergy relief.

Allergies can also affect your mood. Depression, apparently, can be a side effect. A recent study found that in some places the suicide rate increase coincides with the pollen levels increase.

Scientists say that an allergic reaction caused by minute substances in our environment together. Our genes determine how we react to them. Pollen, spores, animal dander and dust mites, as well as food and drugs can set off a reaction in susceptible people.

One of the ways to deal with unpleasant infusion allergic reactions, such as an antihistamine and nasal decongestant. Many of us think that the old-fashioned natural remedies are still the best. There are a lot of leaves and wild plants that have proven over the years to be good fighters.

Eucalyptus is probably the best known natural decongestant. It is cold and flu medicines component. Garlic is for the same work. A tightness in the chest and blocked nasal passages horseradish and on your way you may be feeling better soon. Some people believe that eating honey is a sweet way to take care of the red eyes and itchy throat.

They say that eating a teaspoon a day keeps the pollen at bay. Sticking with this tool, to sniffle season. Nettle is a good stop runny nose. Dried leaves of this plant extract can be purchased from your local chemist capsules. Nettle can be a powerful antioxidant and chlorophyll, vitamin C and iron.

Spring and fall times can only spell misery for the people who can not use the great things that Atlanta is not Spring as fairs, festivals, Atlanta Zoo, and even the much loved garage sales.

After a very cold and wet winter in Atlanta, people are just ready to get out and about and enjoy the great outdoors. "

But sometimes it does not is not so great when you come back with a stuffy head, nose and headache. Allergies can also lead to other problems such as upper respiratory tract disease.

The most common advice is to, as far as possible, avoid contact with allergens. Duh! It is kinda hard when a car with all that yellow / green stuff, and you can sweep it to wash the dust front porch. (It is not advisable!) It is better to get rid of him scooting it off with a hose. Sweep pollen can really make you sick. Been there done that result in "pollen poisoning."

Nature also has a very low allergy-Fighters are called probiotics. They are live micro-organisms, mainly bacteria is neither good for our stomachs. Probiotics in food or can be purchased in pill form. Natural yogurt is one of those mini-soldiers inexpensive source. They go to attack when the immune system detects a nasty invaders such as dust mites, animal dander and mold spores.

Many allergy medicines are available without a prescription. However, allergy treatment doctor advised you must first take the test in order to determine what exactly to respond to. Some over the counter medications are antihistamines. They can be very useful, despite some possible side effects, ie, drowsiness. Leukotriene modifiers and homeopathic remedies should also play an import role in allergy management. Homeopathic remedies are also very useful.

This time of year when pollen rule, or, if you have a dust mite bites, itching and sneezing, to achieve allergy relief. Help is available. Sometimes you can even find it in your garden.

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