Inflammation of the nasal membranes is defined as Rhinitis. Allergic Rhinitis is also known as allergy and hey fever. Allergic Rhinitis is characterized by a number of symptom like sneezing, nasal itching, nasal congestion and rhinorrhea. Other symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis may also include ears, eye, throat and sinus. Rhinitis is the most common cause for Allergic rhinitis. It is not a life-threatening condition. This disease occurs when the immune system overreacts to the particles present in the air and you breath that air. The particles present in the body is attacked by the immune system to prevent you from symptoms like sneezing and runny nose.

Causes of Allergic Rhinitis
To triggers an allergy is known as an allergen. The body releases chemicals like histamine when a person with allergic rhinitis breathes in an allergen like pollen or dust which further causes symptoms like mucus production, itching and swelling. Hey fever is also the main causes of Allergic Rhinitis which occurs due to an allergic reaction to pollen. Hay fever vary from person to person region to region that occur due to pollens. There are some plants that are responsible for hay fever. These plants are deciduous and evergreen trees, grasses and Ragweed

Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis
There are list of symptoms that affect you very shortly when you come in contact with the substance you are allergic to, the symptoms include itchy nose, itchy mouth, itchy eyes, itchy throat, itchy skin, smell problem, runny nose, sneezing and tearing eyes. There are some other symptoms that may affect you later, the symptoms include stuffy nose, nasal congestion, coughing, clotted ears, decreases sense of smell, sore throat, dark circle under the eyes, puffiness under the eye, fatigue, irritability, headache, slow thinking and memory problem.

Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis
Allergic Rhinitis is very common in the people now a days. The type of Allergic Rhinitis is not common to all the people and it also vary from person to person and from reason to reason. There are various medicine available in the medical store for the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis. Omnaris is the most trusted and recommended medicine by the doctor or health care professional. Omnaris is aprescription medicine used for the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis. Its main ingredient is ciclesonide. It is available in the form of spray by brand name. Before taking Omnaris medicine you should know full information about the medicine.

Do not use Omnaris spray if you are allergic to it or to its ingredient as it may lead to serious side effect. Inform your doctor before taking Omnaris if you are suffering from asthma, glaucoma, tuberculosis, a sore inside your nose, recent nose injury or surgery. If you are taking any prescription, non prescription and herbal medicine you should inform your doctor or health care professional before taking Omnaris. Pregnant and breast feeding mother should not use Omnaris spray as it may harm the health of new born baby or nursed child. Use it as prescribed by the doctor or health care professional. Store Omnaris at room temperature. Keep it in a dry place away from light heat and moisture. Keep all the medicine away from children and pet.

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