I'm a big believer in quitting. I think it's a good thing. You should do more of it.

Yes, I did say quitting and -- yes -- I did say you should do more of it!

Sound odd? I'm not surprised. Maybe it's that neat-o 'survival instinct' of yours kicking in. Or maybe after years and years of hearing the old saw 'A winner never quits and a quitter never wins' you came to believe it. After all, since we were very young, 'quitting' has been defined as something negative. Real life, however, shows us that quitting is very often a positive force in our lives.

Don't believe me? Try quitting a few of these things:

--Quit using (or abusing) tobacco, alchohol, caffeine, food.

--Quit doing the things that aren't bringing you the results you want.

--Quit procrastinating and you find yourself less rushed and harried.

--Quit putting up with damaging, abusive, and negative relationships (at home and at work).

--Quit jobs and volunteer work that don't truly bring you joy.

--Quit being in relationships that are abusive.

--Quit feeling miserable for yourself and being miserable about stuff beyond your control.

--Quit trying to be everything, to do everything, and to have everything.

If you can quit just one of these things, you'll be creating positive action in your life. But you have to quit first. It's a simple idea most of us overlook: To really be a winner, you have to be able to stop doing stuff that's not good for you!

So quit waiting... and take action!

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Jim Allen is personal & business success coach. For more ideas visit his website http://www.CoachJim.com or subscribe to his bi-weekly ezine, re:ACT! by sending a blank email to: SubscribeACT@CoachJim.com