Did you know that it's perfectly alright to be successful?

It is.

It's also entirely okay for you to have found the perfect job, to be in the ideal relationship, to not have to worry about money, to be able to spend your time "playing" in the garden when you want, or go to your kids' early morning tennis games because you can.

And best of all, if you can do any or all of those things, it's 100% Grade-A acceptable to enjoy it.

I bring this up because I've spoken with a lot of people recently who are having problems accepting the fact that, in various and sundry ways, they are successful, they have achieved the goals they set for themselves and can now enjoy the results.

You work so hard to achieve so much that it's a shame to not enjoy those good things that you create in your life.

Worse, it's an insult to your own dedication and hard work, and to the work of those who helped you along the way.

Stop denying your success. Stop hiding from the pleasures that you've earned. Stop being guilty because you've done some (or all) of what you set out to do.

Instead, enjoy it. Be happy with it. Model it to others. Share it.

Success is its own reward, but only if you accept it.

Accept your success today!

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Jim Allen is a writer, speaker, and life coach. For more ideas, subscribe to his weekly newsletter, THE BIG IDEA by sending a blank email to: SubscribeACT@CoachJim.com.