It takes a lot of skills to negotiate through life. Many of them we pick up along the way, others we need to develop, and some we just need to polish a little bit.

Here are ten important life skills:

1. Listening

2. Giving compliments

3. Accepting compliments

4. Thinking positive

5. Saying "No"

6. Laughing

7. Planning

8. Asking questions

9. Reading

10. Exercising

Now, consider the following questions:

How often do you use these skills? --Not enough? Too much? Or not at all?

Could you benefit from studying or applying any of these more? What type of help would you need to improve a skill?

Are there others skills that are more important or more necessary to you than these are? If so, what are they?

Answer these questions and you'll not only discover weak areas that you need to improve upon, you'll discover your true strengths... and have a lot of fun while you do!

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