"The love you take is equal to the love you make." Paul McCartney

We've talked about this - how like attracts like; what you put out is what you get back - and guess what? There are nooooo exclusions ;-) uh-uh - none. That means WHATEVER you put out there - comes back - like a boomerang. (guddoyngg!)

LOVE as well at HATE as well as FEAR as well as JOY as well as IMPATIENCE as well as COMPASSION etc., etc. All of it - is yours - if you want it...or you have the choice - to 'cherry pick' ;-) I know what I'm choosing!

Here's the deal - whatever you put out is also what you wear out - like a shining sequined coat (LOVE), or the grim reapers habit ;-[ (fear etc). (Boys - if sequins aren't your thing > insert suitable replacement!) As humans we have an incredible ability to sense unspoken feelings - we are sense animals after all!

Notice what goes on around you. How do others respond to you? Which coat are you wearing? The fastest turnaround from any negative situation, is through learning to open your heart to 'see' the truth of what is really happening. Learn to love yourself through understanding why you are attracting that kind of situation. When you give love - you attract love - when you give anger - you attract anger. Be honest about how you're feeling and why it is coming to you.

When you live in love, you are equal to your environment. Stuff still happens to bring challenge into the equation - that's just life - but you deal with it in a whole new way - from a place of trust - not fear. You learn to attract more of the good stuff! Bring it ON!!!

You cannot embrace love whilst holding on to fear...it's impossible! They live in separate parts of the body; the head and heart respectively. My great teacher and friend - Sky - coined the phrase, 'Stop and drop' - stop identifying with the mind, and drop into the silence of the heart.' This is a great technique for letting go of negative emotion, letting the 'story' of what you think is happening slip, and starting to live from heart intelligence - with integrity. Try it and see for yourself...STOP (mind) and DROP (heart)...ahhhh...feel better? ;-)

I'm pitching back to the Beatles this week for some love, love, love...

"There's nothing you can do that can't be done,

Nothing you can sing that can't be sung,

Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game,

It's EASY!

Nothing you can make that can't be made,

No-one you can save that can't be saved,

Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time,

It's EASY!

All you need is LOVE...ba, ba da da daaa

All you need is LOVE...ba, ba da da daaa

All you need is LOVE...love...love is all you need" The Beatles


Live from your heart - open up to the full expression of who you are! Let the world experience YOU and all your unique talents, and surrender to the beauty of life.

Don't wait - start NOW!

The world is waiting...

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In my opinion, the three pillars of a healthy, rewarding and abundant life are; Creativity, freedom and joy. Namely, to fully express your individuality and uniqueness in every part of your life, enjoy and own all choices that you make, have fun and laugh often. These are important components of my life, and I operate my business - Day One Life Consultancy, with the same philosophy.