Entrepreneurs looking for government grants for business should first educate themselves regarding the various grants offered by the government prior to approaching the government for assistance. It is true that government helps businesses in acquiring new technology, training employees and retaining old employees. A majority of entrepreneurs are unaware of the fact that the government has mandated to allocate a certain portion of revenue to businesses as grants. The government provides financial assistance to various businesses through its agencies like agriculture department, labor department and healthcare department. These agencies promote businesses working under their area of influence hence businesses should approach the right agency for assistance.

Government grants for business are available at three levels: Federal, State and Local. Millions of dollars are provided in grants to various businesses every year and many businesses survive solely on the financial assistance provided by the government. Entrepreneurs need fund for business expansion, hiring modern infrastructure and training their employees. They get financial assistance from banks and credit societies but these financial agencies charge them a high interest rate. Federal and state grants, on the other hand, are provided without any interest. Additionally, it is not mandatory for the businesses to return the grants.

Government grants for business come in various forms like tax holidays for certain industries, cost effective services initiated by government agencies and interest free loan. Entrepreneurs should make sure that they are approaching the right government agency for financial assistance. Today Internet has made it possible to spread information to a large number of people in comparison to other media. Entrepreneurs can access the portal Grants.Gov to get reliable information on various government grants. The portal contains application forms for the various grants and guidelines for the applicants. The forms can be downloaded from the portal and if you wish, you can apply online for the grants.

Every business whether it is education, healthcare, hospitality and construction is eligible for government grants for businesses. The entrepreneurs should look for financial assistance from the government and save money. Government has mandated to assist business so that they can take active part in country’s economic progress. It is ready to bail-out the financially weak industries to save a large workforce from being unemployed. Financial assistance is available at every level and the good thing is that all the information on business grants is available online. It is much easier for entrepreneurs to get grants rather than getting bank loans.

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