We all love a good vacation at least once a year. Vacation can be arranged independently all by yourself or you can opt for a tour package. This is where most of us commit a mistake by booking a tour package without proper research. To solve your problems and in order to help you make a more informed decision, we will be setting a few guidelines. Rajasthan is all about myriad landscapes, culture and flamboyant monuments of the erstwhile era. By following some simple rules you can make your Rajasthan tour package get better to best. Apart from affordability and safety, many more factors need to be considered.

Small things matter in trip planning

Choosing a travel partner

You need to choose a travel partner according to some considerations viz. 

What is their rating on different platforms?

What kind of safety measures are they taking?

What kind of safety measures are they taking to keep you safe?

How are they maintaining transparency?

If you seek the answers to these questions before confirming you booking we are sure you will make better decisions. You should be able to search, compare and book all your travel services effortlessly. That’s called smart work where you enjoy your vacation while your travel partner arranges and manages everything for you.

Choosing a tour package and itinerary

Instead of going for standard tour packages, we suggest you book customized tour packages. Now the choice is yours whether you want tour package for individual cities or opt for an umbrella package. Umbrella packages are more affordable and give you holistic travel experience. Customized packages can be curated according to your budget and specific interests. You can also choose the services that you require for your vacation tour packages.  

Outstation packages are a bit costly and opting for taxi rentals is safer because we are sure you don’t want to get exhausted by continuously driving, some places may not be safe for late-night travel. Local drivers are normally acquainted with the route and know the local language of the region. Even in case of an on-road exigency, he will handle the situation more or less himself, the whole idea is that you are not left alone all by yourself in a new place.

The right choice of vehicle rentals

Choosing the correct vehicle rental is very important because a major part of your time will be spent in travelling either inside the city or to any outstation destination. So you can choose from taxi rental, self-drive car rentals or bike rentals according to the number of people travelling, your budget, distance to be travelled and most importantly your personal comfort. Invariably opt for a sanitized vehicle and doorstep pick and drop services.

Tour guide VS Audio guide

Both tour guide and audio guide have their own pros and cones. While the audio guide is convenient and affordable, the tour guide gives you a better local experience and you get tour guides in multiple languages. Make a choice according to your budget and how you really want to explore your holiday packages. If we talk about social distance and sanitization than audio guides are safer.

Events and activity booking

Some travellers will even ask why even opt for events and activity booking through their travel partners. If don’t want to stand in the queue for hours where hundreds of unknown people are also standing along with you. The point we are trying to make here is that first of all you come in contact with unknown people and stand in crowded places. Secondly, you stand in the queue for hours whereby you get exhausted and waste your precious time which should have been otherwise spent on having fun

Round the clock support

Clear all your queries vis-à-vis policies, timings and make sure that you have the number of executives whom you can contact in case of an emergency. Remember when you are a new place the first person to assist you or reach you is your travel partner. Getting the right travel partner also ensures you to get the best travel experience within a limited time.

This was an attempt to educate travellers about how to avail the best services in affordable rates. Following these simple things can enhance your travel experience. Padharo is a market place for vehicles and we cater to all travel services across Rajasthan. In short, we are trying to master the art of creating unencumbered memories.

Our article focuses on educating the travellers that what all should be considered before booking a tour package which is both affordable and gives you a holistic travel experience.

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Padharo is a marketplace for all types of vehicles that makes use of Immersive technologies for a better customer -experience. Working in the travel domain since 2017, we cater to interactive services through our online platform for tour packages, vehicle rentals, tour guides , events and activity booking. We have launched the Fleet and Booking management app for our vehicle travel partners and travelers. The app primarily aims at a digital management of the entire fleet of vehicles eliminating the necessity of maintaining logbooks manually. That's not all, our customers can search, compare and book a vehicle from credible partners according to the amenities offered and reviews of other travelers. So we ensure transparency in every business dealing whereby a customer avails exactly what he/she has seen and booked. We are evolving as better and safer with each passing day.