TopGal - Roofing System

TopGal is the most recent multiwall polycarbonate unit developed by Polygal. This roofing material has a more improved four-wall framework that provides thermal insulation, rigidity, lower solar heat gain, and strength than other regular sheets. This amazing product is easy to install with fewer errors due to its standing steam style system.

Another important observation is that it has no screws installed through the sheets; hence, it can be mounted conveniently in no time. Unlike other sheets that may be mounted upside down by mistake, TopGal has a precise mounting process that makes it impossible to be placed inaccurately.

TopGal comes in standard double and triple-layered sheets and is available in various colour schemes and magnitude of transparency. This product can be used for glazing applications and conventional roofing. You can get TopGal standard sheets in various degrees of thickness - from 4 mm to 16 mm.

Its PC multi-wall upright seam panel design makes it ideal for all types of roofing and building coverage. TopGal is lightweight and equipped with features such as thermal insulation and light transmission. Installing this unit on your landed properties will prevent the pooling of rainwater that may penetrate into your building.

When it comes to installing roofing sheets that offer superior rigidity and high tensile strength, you can always count on TopGal to give you nothing but the best. It is designed according to the required standard. You can mount the sheets on-site as they include all the accessories needed for installation. They are guaranteed to provide both positive and negative wind-load resistance.

This innovative product can be installed in sports facilities, transportation hubs, residential buildings, public buildings, and other interior or exterior spaces.

TopGal Benefits

This unique product is being manufactured and sold in both standard colours and special colour layouts designed to reflect solar radiation.

With TopGal sheets, you can be guaranteed protection against strong winds and snow loads, all thanks to their rigidity.

They feature standard panels with UV protection which can be on the tooth side or both sides, depending on the client’s request.

It is waterproof

TopGal comes with a 10-year warranty for light transmission, colour, and strength.
You can be assured of receiving technical support from the builders and professional designers.

Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic, also known as Lucite, Plexiglas, Perspex, and Acrylite, is a well-known dazzling and glossy plastic material that is used for all kinds of construction works. Due to its physical and chemical properties, it is resistant to scratches and impact, making it an ideal choice for building.

It has a high tensile strength that exceeds that of polycarbonate - one of the toughest materials in existence. Acrylic sheets are available in various models which are manufactured to meet the diverse needs of clients (project owners and remodelers).

They can be used for all types of designs and projects. There are several types of acrylic sheets:

- Clear Acrylic Sheeting
- Light Diffusing Acrylic
- White Acrylic Sheeting
- Solar Tinted Acrylic
- Coloured Acrylic Sheeting
- Non-glare Acrylic Sheeting
- Mirrored Acrylic Sheeting
- Abrasion Resistant Acrylic Sheeting
- Anti-Static Acrylic Sheeting
- Textured Acrylic Sheeting
- Lucite Block Acrylic Sheeting
- Impact Modified Acrylic

Benefits Of Acrylic Sheets

There are many benefits that come with the use of acrylic sheets in roofing.

High Tensile Strength

Acrylic sheets are preferred to glass due to its high tensile strength. It has the capacity to withstand great pressure. For example, it is easier to shatter glass with a considerable amount of force than it is to break an acrylic sheet. Do you know that bulletproof cars are made of acrylic sheets (1-inch)? That shows how tough this material is.

Different Shapes And Styles

What makes acrylic a go-to material when it comes to roofing is the fact that it can be moulded into different shapes. Additionally, it comes in various colours and degrees of transparency, giving you a wide range of options. Due to the features acrylic sheets possess, they are mostly used in innovative environments. Every day, several utilities of acrylic like prestigious trophies and glassware are commonly witnessed in our environment.

Although glasses can be moulded into diverse forms, acrylic performs the same function and even more. If you would like to check out their availability, please visit this link: Regal Plastics.

High Transparency

When acrylic sheets are manufactured with quality in mind, they produce transparency of up to 92%, which makes it on par with glass. Acrylic even has more benefits than glass; it does not display a green tint as thick glasses do. Also, unlike glass, it does not turn yellow or fade with constant exposure to sunlight or over time.

Highly Resistant To Heat

Another reason for the use of acrylic sheets is the fact that they have high heat resistance. Plastic sheets have a tendency to become stiff and break with constant use over the years. On the hand, you can use acrylic sheets for decades before they are replaced. They are ideal for
fitting and sealing based on their minor expansion index.

Easy To Cut

Acrylic sheets can be cut easily with a knife or saw, unlike glass. Hence, it is a better option for roofing. With Acrylic, you can be guaranteed fast and clean roofing jobs.

They Are Light

By comparing a sheet of acrylic to a sheet of glass with the same size and volume, acrylic has half the weight of glass. When implementing large installations, weight is an important factor to consider. Acrylic can be used on the face of a building due to its lightweight, making it more reliable and safe.


Due to the type of material from which acrylic is formed, it can be recycled even after decades of use. Acrylics can be reused in various forms, such as plates and utensils. Furthermore, it still retains its strength and quality. Recycling acrylic plastics is a complex process. Nevertheless, the results are stunning.

If you are considering roofing your building with the ideal material, you can either go for TopGal or acrylic plastics. These acrylic sheets are designed to meet all your construction needs.

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