Technology has taken over the world. With advancements in technology, it has become a lot more easier for people to accomplish their tasks. While technology has taken over our entire lives, there’s nothing that’s left untouched, not even our homes. With newer technologies, homes are getting smarter and more convenient to live.

Here are some of the latest smart home trends for you to look forward to.

1.Alexa and Google Assistant

Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are two such trends that have made our lives very much easier. Trends suggest that this year, Google is going to triple its presence as compared to the last year. While there won’t be much update when it comes to the hardware, the updates in software will be enough to change your lives. We also expect a lot of other companies to announce the integration of these softwares with the things we use daily. To be precise, to announce their integration with TVs, kitchens, toys, and toilets.

2.Home security systems

Video cameras installed outside the homes for security are a thing of past now. Companies are now trying to include better and improved home security systems. Gone are the day when video cameras were the only thing for security. Now companies are planning to include artificial intelligence and drone security guards along with home monitoring devices to enhance the security features. You can also expect some better and improved smart home lock systems which will prevent your home from theft. Water leak and air quality monitoring systems will further addition to the security of your home. This will revamp the entire home security system.

3. Smart sensors in the house

Several times, you need to predict some of the problems in your home before they ruin everything. This is where advanced technology of smart sensors comes into picture. Case in point is water management. These days wifi enabled devices are installed along with the main water line to detect the flow of water. In the event of any leaks, the homeowners will be alerted by the device before any catastrophe takes place. There are sensors that detect movement of people making it easy for working-class people to keep tabs on the kids and adults in their homes. If the sensor detects any abnormality in the regular routine in home, it will send a message to the homeowner immediately.

4. Smart appliances

With newer smart home technologies in place, kitchen is also not away from its ambit. Major smart home brands have included kitchen space also in their products. Smart broiling technology is one such thing in place. It allows the homemaker to use the brewing apparatus, along with the help from assistant regarding the latest recipes and baking instructions. You can control these smart appliances by voice and instruct them as you like. Latest generation of microwave and refrigerator are provided with an LED screen which works on artificial intelligence and can also act as a digital bulletin board.

5. Smart surfaces

Smart surfaces are AI-powered technology that allows homemakers to control anything in the house with their voice or touch. These smart surfaces can be installed as kitchen cooktops, or else any other surface in the house.

6.Voice control

Smart home experience can be enhanced by voice control features. Smart speakers make it easy to control various features in your home. Voice control features allow you to control several devices in the home with voice commands.

7.Smart bathrooms

Smart bathrooms are something that are yet to make their place in our houses. In 2019, this trend is going to change with more and more houses opting for smart bathrooms. You can expect to see voice controlled showers, smart toilets, motions activated lights, etc.

8. Baby technology

It might not come to our minds, but technology has something to offer for babies too. Baby monitors come in the form of wearables that can detect the breathing of babies when they are asleep. These days baby food intake monitoring devices are also being developed to help mothers feed their babies properly.

With all these technologies, there is something new to offer in the delicacy section too. It is difficult for us to imagine that technology can overtake the delicacy market too. With advancements in technology, smart vanity mirrors are being developed that allow foreseeing your face before you apply makeup, making it clear to you how you would look with the makeup. Technology even allows you to take care of your cute animals, monitor their movement, and alert you if anything goes wrong.

Overall smart home technologies will bring about a revolution in our lives changing the way we live, eat, bath, or dress up. Smart home devices are being developed to give you a luxurious living. Get detailed reviews and buying guide tips on smart home appliances at a reliable
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