Formal shirts are the must-have variety of shirts for men in India. These are worn on occasion's like interviews, business meetings, workplace, schools and in some universities as well.

What makes a normal shirt look formal?
Well, there is a various variety of shirts available in the market. You can get each of them easily offline as well as at online stores in India. To get a formal look, you need to do the following three steps:-
1. Wash your shirt properly with your hands or can also do a machine wash. Keep the machine and water at moderate temperature.
2. Dry it in light-warm sun rays cause direct sunrays will fade the color of the shirt. It will make it dull.
3. Iron it well to remove all the crèche. Fold it properly and your shirts are ready for wearing.
4. Keep it inside your wardrobe with naphthalene balls or neem leaves such that your formal shirts wear stays away from bacteria and all other microorganisms.

What are the different colors available in formal shirts for men?
Gone are the days when formal colors were just related to black and white. There are other colors in the list, which I will divide in two ways. One is general colors and the second one is the color evolved from the general one.
General colors:- blue, black, white, green, blue, red, yellow, pink, orange.
Other colors:- coral peach, pistachio green, indigo, carmine, aqua blue, rustic burgundy, jade green, elephant grey
Why should you limit yourself to a particular color, when you can get the most unique colors of all time and look amazing for entire life. The unique ones will act as an add on to your overall look.

What you should not wear in a formal outfit?
Formal is all about simple and sober. You can find the casual looking color shirt into formal one by maintaining it properly. Wash, dry and iron it and your shirts are available to you for a longer duration. Well, it is said not to wear a dark and shimmery variety of colors when you are going for a formal meet, it looks very absurd. You can always go for light colors and dark pants like black, brown. It will make your look complete.

Summary- It can be summarized that the Formal shirts are the most extraordinary attire for every man out there. Buy it from the online stores in India to know about it more.

Conclusion- It can be concluded that Formal shirts are the only way to get a decent and sober look.

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