If you still have not done anything to make your skin new and youthful and wonder about the best treatment for skin replenishing. Then start with the skin polishing treatments. It is a necessary treatment for people above 30. You cannot just go out and apply any exfoliant to your skin; a proper understanding of your skin and the need for any exfoliant is necessary. 

You cannot generalize skincare products. White people do not have much melanin in their skin, so their skin is slightly dry and sensitive. On the other hand, people of color should try something relatively strong, making it necessary to search for the best skin polishing treatment in Mumbai. Ads might tell you that every skin polishing solution is best, but you must go with the subjective approach and consult the dermatologist before applying any product. 

In this article, we are particularly concerned about the skin polishing treatment; why? Because people are not ready to go for a skin polishing treatment as they consider it an acidic solution. If you have any questions regarding the skin polishing treatment, keep on reading as we have tried to answer them all. 

How much will a skin polishing treatment cost? 

It is a very subjective question. It depends on the type of skin, your age, and the health condition. Moreover, if you are going for a clinical skin polishing treatment, it might cost you a bit higher than for a home skin polishing treatment. Not only this, but the number of sessions is also pivotal in deciding the price of the skin polishing treatment. 

What is the procedure for the skin polishing treatment? 

Microdermabrasion is not a long process, and it comprises only a few steps. First, with the help of a small device, the skin is introduced with microcrystals. These crystals are the exfoliants; they would clean the skin and polish it. 

Next, a small vacuum would be taken to clean the skin; these tiny crystals would come out from the skin along with the dead skin cells, leaving glowing, healthy skin behind. Then some dermatologists apply another light exfoliant, too; it is to ensure cleaner skin. Lastly, skin-friendly nutrients are also applied to give the skin its normal healthy texture back. 

As it is a very sensitive process so you must ensure that you have contacted the top dermatologist in Mumbai for the skin polishing treatment; otherwise, it can result in the skin-damaging process too. 

Who should go for the skin polishing treatment? 

People who feel that their skin has become rough and dull should consider the skin polishing treatment. It is not recommended for teens and people under 22 years of age, to have thin and sensitive skin. It involves strong chemical which can damage the skin. 

What to do after the treatment? 

Following the post-treatment guidelines is necessary to get some better results. Doctors will advise you to stay away from fire and wear sunscreen. For further details contact your doctor.  

Author's Bio: 

Hassan Awan