When considering buying a worktop surface for your kitchen and you have to decide which fits the best with your needs, the choice may become difficult due to each material merits. So, to help you make the right choice for your home we pay some attention to each of the three options, showing you the best that the material can offer you. After reading this, you will be able to decide which one suit matches better your expectations and needs.

The granite worktops
The first one of our comparison is the granite, which is a natural stone which will never fall out of fashion, so it will increase your home value. Due to its nature, the granite can be found in a large rank of colours and patterns. You can choose shades of granite in colours like: pink, black, brown, grey or even white which will add style to your room and will transform the worktop in the heart of the kitchen.

The best thing which makes the granite special in this category is its heat resistance. You don’t have to worry about damaging it when putting hot pans or pots on it. Even if it requires a regular sealing, it is very to maintain its luxurious look with mild detergent. You have to pay attention to the light coloured granite worktop because they are tent to absorb more liquid than the dark coloured ones.

Also, one of the most important aspects to be considered is the natural glow of the countertop. No matter how much will you search for two same looking granite countertops, you will not find in your entire life. Having this in your kitchen will for sure refresh the look of the entire house, making a pleasure to cook dinner inside of it.

The marble worktops
The second on the list is marble worktops. In comparison to the granite, marble has a more porous and softer surface than the granite, so it can lead to scratches and stains. You have to look more after this kind of worktop, but definitely it worth the time because its unique beauty. The marble should be clean without using cleaners which involve acid. The white colour of marble is the purest one, but now in can come in different veins and patterns to add it a distinct look. So, this kind of material for work surfaces comes in different shades such as green, brown, pink and even black.

The marble has a naturally cool temperature so it’s perfect if you like baking. Its non-porous nature may not be very visible, but you need to take great care when juggling with liquids around your worktop, because if spilled, nasty and ugly stains may appear.

The quartz worktops
The last but not the least on our list, the quartz worktops are considered to be a great alternative to natural stone, like the other ones (the granite and the marble). There are two types of quartz worktops: man-made and engineered composed of a 93 per cent of natural stone and 7 per cent of resin binders. The most popular quartz work surface is considered to be the white one, due to its elegancy. Also, the quartz worktops are easy to clean and maintain, fact which made from them a great choice for many homeowners. Another clue in choosing the quartz worktop is that they have a uniform look, so they can fit in modern or traditional styles.
Being an engineered stone, the countertop provided from this material can easily be custom made, because of the high versatility. Having a top with minimum of joins will ensure you fewer seams and definitely, a low installation time.

There is a quartz worktop which is made in London with the same proprieties of the granite work surface. It is good to know that the ordinary quartz worktops have some hygienic properties which protect you and your family against bacteria and offer you a healthy and save work surface. Another good thing about the quartz is that it doesn’t require sealing.

Finally, before going to buy a new piece for your home you have to decide about the money you want to invest, the time you want to spend cleaning the surface and the proprieties of each material which match better on your needs. We were presenting you the most three popular worktops on the market by showing you their best utility.

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