Everyday we use a number of mobile apps to ease our daily tasks. There are more than 5 million apps available between the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. And every day new apps are getting added to the app stores. Also it is necessary to note that the number of new apps in the market is increasing, the number of app downloads is also increasing. Obviously, all these 5 million + apps were built with different technologies. Recently native application development was the standard which must be downloaded and installed on the devices before they could be used. Important thing about native apps is that you have to develop separate applications for separate platforms like iOS and Android. Now, cloud apps are starting to become more popular.

Cloud apps live on servers and get accessed through web browsers. For those who are thinking of building a mobile application, starting a cloud development may seem to be engaging. However, it could be confusing if you’ve never done it. So to give you a clear idea, here we’ll discuss mobile cloud computing and mobile cloud applications.

What Is Mobile Cloud Computing?
Mobile Cloud Computing or MCC is a combination of cloud computing, mobile computing, and wireless network, so as to bring rich computational resources to mobile users, network operators, just as cloud computing providers. The main concept is to make it possible for rich mobile apps to be executed on a large number of mobile devices.

What Is Mobile Cloud Application?
Traditionally, if you need to install a software on your PC, you have to purchase a disc and then use it to install the program. As the installation is completed, you could use the program on that computer. Whereas, a mobile cloud app is a software program that you can access from multiple computers and smartphones till they are connected to the internet. The main aim of mobile cloud applications is to improve productivity by increasing accessibility for users. With a stable internet connection and computing device, users can access software anytime and anywhere.

Characteristics Of A Cloud App-
Data can be locally cached
Cloud infrastructure is used to store data
These apps can be accessed from desktop or mobile devices
There is scope of accommodating different user needs in cloud application development

Working Of Cloud Apps-
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